7 healthy granolas that aren't full of crap

We’ve all heard it 1000 times: “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”
And while we’d love to wake up and whip up poached eggs, for most of us the morning routine includes a whole lot of profanities and not much time.
Muesli and granola are convenient alternatives that can be nutritious if chosen correctly (read: ingredient lists are pronounceable and don’t contain sugar). To avoid starting your day with a sugar-laden breakfast (and concluding it with a crash of energy), here are seven healthy, tasty, crunchy granolas that aren’t full of crap.

7 healthy granolas for a nutritious breakfast

loving earth buckinis clusters, paleo museli, gluten free granola

Image via @loving_earth

Loving Earth Buckinis Clusters

What are Buckinis you ask? Loving Earth created them from their activated buckwheat. They’re grain-free, gluten-free, crunchy bundles of goodness that don’t go soggy in cold milk. And they’re not wheat, in fact they’re not even a grain – they’re a protein-packed seed and they’re delicious! Mixed with a bunch of fruit and nuts, Loving Earth Buckinis Clusters are 100% organic, dairy and gluten free, low in sugar and high in protein. In other words, they’re an ideal breakfast, worth every spoonful.

Shop Loving Earth Buckinis Clusters $12.90 (400g) or find it at Thomas Dux.

byron bay macadamia muesli, healthy granola

Image via @byronbaymuesli

Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli

A mixture of organic oats and biodynamic fruit, Byron Bay’s Australian made roasted muesli has a short list of ingredients, all of which we can pronounce! Organic rolled oats, sunflower kernels, pepitas, insecticide-free almonds, sesame seeds, macadamia honey, organic figs, biodynamic pears, organic raisins and macadamia nuts, toasted with cold pressed macadamia oil.

Shop Byron Bay Roasted Almond Fig & Pear Muesli  $11.95 (450g)

 paleo pure muesli, paleo muesli, gluten free muesli

Image via @livinglemonnutrition

Paleo Pure

No gluten and no sugar doesn’t mean no taste when it comes to Paleo Pure’s range of crunchy mueslis. These vegan-friendly breakfasts are 100% organic, handmade and delicious. Lightly baked in the oven for that necessary crunch, they deliver in both taste and nutrition, recording the lowest sugar content for all the granolas we tested! Paleo Pure is a great option for the most important meal of the day.

Shop Paleo Pure $24.95 (500g)

 irrewarra sourdough bakery, irrewarra granola

Image via @irrewarra_sourdough

Irrewarra Sourdough Bakery Handmade Granola

If it’s crunch you’re after, you can’t go passed Irrewarra’s handmade granola. It boasts a super short ingredient list including rolled oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, raisins, currants, coconut, honey, canola oil and spice. All ingredients are unprocessed, it contains no bran fillers and honey is the only sweetener.

Shop Irrewarra Sourdough Bakery Handmade Granola $12.70 (500g) or find it at your local Maloney’s Grocer

green press, green press granola, cereal killer granola, healthy granola

Image via @greenpress.co

Green Press Cereal Killer Granola

This gluten-free bag of goodness is seriously low in sugar and high in delicious. It provides fibre with a buckwheat base, adds crunch with cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds, and has bursts of sweetness from apple, goji berries and coconut flakes. All 10 ingredients are natural and it is only lightly toasted with maple syrup, giving it an extremely low sugar content with only 3.3g per 35g serve – which is pretty difficult to find down the muesli aisle! If the name wasn’t enough to make you pick it off the shelves, the taste and nutrition should be – no sugar spikes or insulin crashes, just a slow energy release throughout the day.

Shop Green Press Cereal Killer Granola $17.00 (455g)

farmer jo muesli, farmer jo granola, healthy granola, fig and almond granola

Image via @farmerjomuesli

Farmer Jo Baked Muesli

Sweetness, spice and everything nice comes in Farmer Jo’s range of baked mueslis. The brand’s flavour combo’s are seriously surprising and delicious – almond and cinnamon is paired with burnt fig, pear and pecan is hit with spiced ginger, pistachio goes with quinoa and is twice baked, and there is a paleo option too. All ingredients are natural, local and mostly organic and honey or golden syrup tend to be the sweeteners of choice. Make Farmer Jo’s granola your breakfast and you’ll always wake up on the right side of the bed.

Shop Farmer Jo’s Baked Muesli from $14.75 (400g) or find it at Thomas Dux.

carmans kitchen, carman's muesli, carman's cafe granola, healthy granola

Image via @devoncafe

Carman’s Café Granola

Under 200 calories per serve, Carman’s new range of café style granolas make staying in for breakfast a treat. The flavour combinations are perfectly balanced and packed with a whole range of seeds, nuts and fruit. Choose from almond, pecan and maple or macadamia, red apple and plum – both are equally delicious!  Golden and crunchy without any artificial colours or flavours, it ticks all our granola boxes.

Shop Carman’s Café Granola at most major Coles, Woolworths & IGA or find your closest stockist here.

Still not sold? Make your own with this delicious maple and cacao granola recipe. 

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