PSA: Topshop Is Giving Away Blue Algae Lattes

It's not every day your morning latte matches your outfit.

It’s not every day your morning latte matches your outfit (unless you’re rocking beige, of course) but don your denim and visit Topshop this month and it will. Yep, every Thursday throughout April, Sydney’s CBD store will be serving blue algae lattes from a chic, Instagrammable cart.
Inspired by Topshop’s best-selling product (hint: jeans), the lattes are seriously blue. They’re available to be purchased but—here’s the kicker—they come free if you buy denim.

Purchased your denim outfit and enjoyed your denim latte, what’s next? It’s time to get styling. Read our rules for wearing jeans with sneakers (it can be done!) and check out these styling tips from Icon.  

The pop-up cart comes complete with neon signs, coffee memes and cute baristas decked out in denim—it’s an IG snap waiting to happen. It’ll be serving lattes two ways: hot sprinkled with blue algae powder or ice-cold topped with baby-blue fairy floss.
Fairy floss aside, blue algae has a number of health benefits. It’s said to contain six times more antioxidants than blueberries; 22 times more iron than spinach and six times more calcium than cow’s milk. So you can feel good on the inside and look good on the outside from your double denim combo.
As the global fashion label sells one pair of jeans every ten seconds, we won’t be surprised to find work-goers swapping their golden lattes for the baby-blue version.
Find out when the cart will be manned by visiting the Topshop blog and scroll down to get your insta inspiration below.
Don’t live in Sydney? Melbourne residents can get their fix from Matcha Mylkbar instead.

Topshop, blue algae latte
Image: Topshop Australia

Topshop, blue algae latte
Image: Topshop Australia

Topshop, blue algae latte
Image: Topshop Australia

Topshop, blue algae latte
Image: Topshop Australia

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