Introducing Amanda Bisk, Our New Instagram Girl Crush

The Insta-famous ex pole vaulter, qualified yogi and exercise physiologist dished on her health secrets.

amanda bisk

Amanda Bisk has fit a lot into her 31 years. An elite gymnast by the age of six, the Perth native transitioned into high jump in her teens after growing too tall for gymnastics. After competing at a national level for three years, she discovered pole vault — a sport that perfectly combined her love of gymnastics and high jump.
She competed in women’s pole vault in the 2010 Commonwealth Games and had her sights set on the 2012 London Olympics. However, her training didn’t quite go to plan. Amanda noticed that she was struggling to recover from her training sessions and instead of being her usual bubbly energetic self, was quite drained throughout the day.
After months of looking for answers, Amanda was eventually told she had chronic fatigue syndrome. It was a diagnosis that resulted in her having to give up her Olympic dream, as her body needed to recover. It was during this time that Amanda’s passion for her health and nutrition flourished, as she experimented with different ways to get healthy again.

Fast forward to 2017 and Amanda is now a qualified health expert, exercise physiologist, yoga instructor, elite athletics coach. If all that isn’t enough, she’s also a Global H&M ambassador and the creator of Fresh Body Mind Fit, a series of online fitness and flexibility programs. She has over 650,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares inspiring snaps of her healthy lifestyle. Oh yeah, she’s also super ripped and shares plenty of pics of her smokin’ bod contorted into seemingly impossible positions!
We recently caught up with Amanda and she dished on her health secrets, morning routine, and guilty foodie pleasure! Read on to learn more about our crazy toned and ridiculously talented new girl crush.

Ice Breakers

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Born and raised: Perth, Western Australia
Currently living: Perth, Western Australia
Known for: Yoga, Fitness, Athletics, Bendy stuff
Personal motto: Life is too short not to do the things you love every day
Success is: Happiness
Advice I would give my 20-year-old self: People don’t expect you to be perfect
People are surprised that I: am actually really bad at running long distance!
The biggest risk I’ve taken that actually paid off: Giving up a great job to create a business myself
I’m most proud of: Not giving into what society thinks our expected path in life should look like (school, good grades, university, job, house etc)
My most used emoji is: Probably 😚 or 😍 !


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Wake up time: Usually between 7 and 7:30 am
Morning ritual: Have breakfast asap, haha! Well, I usually have a huge glass of water when I wake up, quick 20-minute workout and stretch, shower, change…then breakfast
Healthy snack that’s $$$ but worth it: Cherries! Or dried and salted broad beans
Last thing I do before bed: Stretch!
Guilty pleasure: Chocolate and fries
3 things vital to my day: Chocolate and fries 😉 Haha nah, coffee, my puppies, and exercise (or getting outside)
Cafe: Yelo in Trigg, WA
Juice: I don’t usually drink juice but when I do, I love watermelon, mint and lemon
Coffee: Long black with a dash of soy
Website I check religiously: FuzzYard (where I buy dog collars, leads and toys for my puppies!)
Favourite place to sweat: The grass running track, but I’m also looking forward to sweating it out at the G Active HydroGym on Sydney Harbour where I’ll be running my signature yoga and stretching class this April 28 and 29.


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Bra: Calvin Klein
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Adidas
Sunglasses: Sunday Somewhere
Watch: Apple Watch
Store: Kookai
New season must-have: Anything pastel

Culture And Tech

App: Instagram (of course!)
Binge watch: Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Ramsay’s Hotel Hell
Instagram stalk: @sausagedogcentral
Album love: Drake – More Life

Fun questions

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My spirit animal is… a monkey
People say I look like…an avatar
If I could invite 5 people (dead or alive) to a dinner party, it would be… Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Usain Bolt, Sandra Bullock, and former gymnast Nadia Comaneci

Where can we e-stalk you?!

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Instagram: @amandabisk

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