The Best Travel Destinations For Vegetarian Foodies

Eat your heart out.

Traveling is so much more than just visiting top tourist sites. Venturing off the beaten track and sampling new local cuisines are also part of the experience.
But if you’re vegetarian, things can be trickier. Well, until now that is. The Luxe Nomad have rounded up the best travel destinations for vegetarian foodies.
For some of the best green eats in the world, click through the gallery below.


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India has the largest population of vegetarians in the entire world, so you’ll never have to worry about finding tiny chunks of chicken in your soup, or anchovies in your rice—phew! Finding a restaurant is just as easy, all you need to look for on the signboard is the word “veg” with a green circle next to it.
Must-have meal: Head to Cream Centre (“The Veg Edge”) for a plate of Chana Bhatura; a Punjabi classic dish of chickpeas in a thick gravy, accompanied by fried Indian bread.

New York

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New York, New York — surprise, surprise. In a city famous for its late-night Chinese takeout and food carts, there’s a lot to be discovered for clean eating. Thank the vibrant hipster scene for shining a spotlight on conscious living and all things matcha, gluten-free and organic.
Must-have meal: One of the most popular vegetarian spots, Dirt Candy, has recently moved from a tiny 18-seater lot in East Village to the Lower East Side. With 60 seats, you won’t need to wait in line for some carrot waffles. They’re as delicious as they are creative.


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The two words you need to know here are “mangasawirat”, which means “vegetarian”, and “jay” for vegan. Thanks to its large Buddhist population, many Thai people are vegetarians. Popular dishes like tom yum and curries are easily modified to suit vegetarian needs.
Must-have meal: Opposite Mess Hall is always one of our first stops after touching down in Bangkok. Diners are treated to a mix of Asian and Mediterranean food with no set menu. Set in a canteen-seated style, some of the more popular features on the menu include the baked eggplant with halloumi and a bourbon pineapple sour to wash it down.


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Here’s a fun fact: Glasgow in Scotland was named PETA’s most vegan-friendly city in the United Kingdom. There are a ton of completely dairy-free, meat-free organic eateries everywhere, as part of the city’s effort to cater to a healthier way of living.

Must-have meal: Mono Cafe Bar in the Merchant City area is a perfect spot to spend a couple of hours at, chugging down a few home-brewed beers and some grub like refried bean burritos to go with it. As for entertainment, they’re never short of folk singers and open mic nights.


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Bali can be tough for a vego, but if you know what to order and where to eat, you’ll find the food here to be amazing and unlike anything you’ve had back at home. There’s the staple food called tempeh, which unless you’ve been living in junk food isle, is a fermented soy bean cake with a meat-like texture (and a serious stench) – cooked in many ways from deep-fried to stir-fried and curried, and Gado. Stay in the more ‘international’ areas such as Ubud, Seminyak, and Canggu and you will have no problem finding veggie meals in the cafes and restaurants. The rich vegetarian selection is the perfect complement to the yoga and wellness culture found in Bali.
Must-have meal: With so many vegetarian restaurants, our top pick is still Zula Vegetarian Paradise in Seminyak. A popular favourite is the veggie burger served with a side of salad and sweet potato fries. You can choose either a chickpea or veggie pattie, but you can’t go wrong with either.

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