11 Celebrity Trainers On The Self-Care Practices That Keep Them In Peak Condition

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Celebrity trainers—they’re just like us. Except they run faster, lift heavier, and scream (motivate?) louder than anyone else in the room. But they don’t come by those rippled muscles and insanely low body fat percentages accidentally—celebrity trainers work really hard to maintain their own health and wellness. Yes, it means that they work out almost every day … but it also means that trainers spend a lot of time focusing on rest and recovery.
In order to stay injury-free, trainers need to invest in self-care. We sat down with some of our faves in the biz to see exactly how they like to treat themselves—and their answers were seriously impressive!

Danielle Wright, Barry’s Bootcamp instructor


In order to stay happy & healthy I try to live fairly simple and structured. A few years back, I read an article that said most successful people start their day between 4 and 5 am. I personally found that the later I slept, the less energy I had throughout the day. Now that I have adopted that mindset, I wake up earlier in the morning, and find this peaceful moment when everyone is still asleep. It is then only me with my thoughts, scheduling out my day ahead. I also began a routine of having a cup of jasmine or green tea especially with the inspiring messages attached. There’s definitely a calm morning vibe that I hold very close. This is when I begin to meditate and find my relaxed state. Anytime I start my day in this manner, I feel disciplined enough to handle anything the day has to offer.


During the week, I try to run at least 10 miles. Every week you can find me taking Barry’s classes to stay fit and trim as well as release all those great endorphins. I always find that when I challenge myself, I surpass my own goals before I even know it! That’s always a plus.


On those special occasions, I try to treat myself to a deep tissue massage. It not only releases any muscle tension I may have, but it’s a sure fire way to step into the wonderful state of true relaxation after going so hard in the weeks prior.

Chandler Parr, Barry’s Bootcamp instructor

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Self-care is a huge priority to me. It wasn’t always that way, but I have found that if I take that extra bit of time for myself, I benefit not only physically, but mentally as well.


Daily, I make a consistent effort to stretch and roll out in the morning when I wake up, and at night before bed. I have a 15-minute routine to open up my hip flexors, lower back and shoulders. It’s a great way to start and end your day and get back in touch with your body and how it’s feeling.
I also always schedule a 1 hour workout for myself, usually a mixture of boxing and HIIT training. I train a lot of people throughout the day, but I try and make sure I can get my own workout in. I love using my body and testing its limitations. Your body is a machine that wants to be tested and used, so if you are blessed enough to have a healthy, functioning body, why not see where you can take it? The confidence you can get from your own strength is the most powerful thing. You will carry that confidence with you in your everyday life and people will feel it, but most importantly you will feel it.


I am a huge supporter of dry brushing. I do this four times a week. All you need is a dry brush, which you can get at any drug store or market. I prefer brushes with natural fibres. Before you shower, brush your body, starting at your ankles all the way up to your neck and shoulders, always brushing in the direction of your heart. This simple action supports circulation, detoxification and gets rid of dead skin. I have seen a big difference in my skin’s softness and overall glow since incorporating this into my weekly routine.


Every once in a blue moon I will treat myself to a deep tissue massage and chiropractic adjustment. It’s so important to realign the body and reset your nervous system, so I usually try and do this once or twice a month. Self-care often falls to the side of our priorities, but I recommend you schedule it in like you would a meeting, even if it’s just 30 minutes, treat yo self!

Kim Strother, Barry’s Bootcamp

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I meditate on a daily basis. Before I connect with the outside world, I go within. Starting the day with ten minutes of meditation gives me a clear mind and helps me stay calm even if the day gets stressful.


‘Butt and Leg Day’ at Barry’s Bootcamp, you will literally find my butt there every Tuesday! I also hike at least once a week. I love being outside so it’s the perfect way to get in some cardio with a beautiful view.


Once in a blue moon, I like to do something adventurous! At the risk of looking creepy, last month I went to the Santa Monica pier and rode the roller coaster by myself. I’m currently planning for a day at the trampoline park. Don’t worry, this time I’m going with friends!

Kara Faulk, Barry’s Bootcamp instructor

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I sweat, someway somehow, for an hour every day. When I need recovery, it’s yoga. I have a nightly skin clearing routine because I feel like the more I take care of myself, the more I WANT to take care of myself. I use Origins Eye Brightening Cream daily and I LOVE the results. I eat clean, but I eat when I’m hungry… every time I’m hungry!


My vices are bi-weekly manicures and massages. In the past year, I’ve really learnt the importance of routinely treating yourself to something that feels really special. It makes me feel good, and that’s worth it for me. Now I’m working on the sleep part. The fitness industry, and NYC, and my energetic nature make it easy to forget that part, but I’m recognising that 6-7 hours every night makes it so much easier for me to be more present, more capable, and just happier overall.
On New Year’s Day, I started meditating. Only for five minutes at first, and I add a minute every week. I know it seems silly but I tried just diving into hour-long practices and I can’t. I want to take that time for myself every day, but my personality is going to take baby steps to get there!

Kara Griffin, Feel This Burn


Daily I focus on my nutrition: a whole-food, veggie-heavy, nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying diet that also doesn’t sacrifice flavour or fun. I try to boost my nutritional intake with herbs, adaptogens, superfoods and intentional supplements whenever possible. So even though the cost of daily probiotics, collagen, dusts, and mushroom coffee can add up, I think of it as preventative care. That being said, I also think balance is super important because any food or drink enjoyed in good company is only going to do your body and soul good.

Movement and exercise is also built in daily. My physical release is my mental release and so movement is key for me to think clearer and keep me feeling, um, sane. On a day where working out feels the last thing I want to do I’ll think about someone I want to see or connect with that day and go take their class or ask them to be my workout buddy.


I foam roll a couple times per week for muscular recovery and go to the chiropractor and massage therapist about once every 4-6 weeks for alignment and muscular tension release.


And mostly, I spend time with the people who make me feel the happiest and full. Travel is one of my favourite things—I start to feel crazy if I don’t have a trip lined up—because I like to step away, gain perspective, experience something new and then take that back into my everyday life. Up next: NYC for work and play!

Bree Branker, Master Instructor at IMAXShift

Balance. “Work hard, play hard” is a pretty great motto to live by. Recently I heard a new one—”turn your hobby into a job-y.” How great is that? Making sure the majority of what you spend your time focusing on and perfecting is actually something that brings you joy and happiness is a life goal for me.
I try to make sure I’m investing my time and energy into something bigger than me. Every time I think I’ve figured it out it is actually just a stepping stone towards something even more grand and ludicrous. This journey is what keeps me grounded and focused, and keeps my work happy and positive. Every ride, every class, I see my clients grow in ways they didn’t think possible just a few weeks ago. It sounds cheesy to say my job is what’s so special in my life but if you think about it, my job is to inspire people to access the best versions of themselves over and over again. And that is pretty damn special.

Bec Donlan, Sweat With Bec

As part of my job constantly revolves around other people’s goals and levels of self-care it’s really easy to overlook your own. For this reason, over the last two years, I’ve really learned that self-love is the best kind of love and that there’s no better way to thank your body than getting into a great little self-care routine! I put my body through hell sometimes so it’s important to keep it feeling good!


– drink a gallon of water
– exercise
– always take make up off properly no matter what
– Epsom salt bath. I literally do this every other day. 2 cups of salts in a super warm bath not only is great for your muscles and winding down but also helps remove toxins and water retention from your bod.


– infrared sauna
– visit to skin laundry
– every second week I get a lymphatic massage


– Micro-current facial from SB Skin. Works out your facial muscles and it really works!! Everything from improved collagen production to cheeks that sit a little bit higher and you leave literally buzzing from all the good vibes.

Lindsey Clayton, co-founder of Brave Body Project


I need to sweat or move my body at least six times a week. That could be a run, hot yoga or lifting weights. Getting a daily sweat in makes me feel awake, alive and gives me a tonne of energy.

I also need at least an hour a day to spend alone, however I want—reading, writing or just hanging out. If I don’t take some time daily for myself, I feel scattered. Finally, I need to do something fun every day. That could be getting a drink with a friend, seeing a show, exploring New York. Laughing and having fun is the most important thing you can do to stay happy and present.


I visit my sports PT for a weekly session. My legs are SUPER tight from all the running I do and getting some PT love and recovery boots (Normatec boots are the JAM) really helps me stay mobile and pain-free. I make sure I use my foam roller and lacrosse ball weekly as well. It was a hard habit for me to adopt but it makes such a huge difference I’ve started to really commit to it.


Every once in a while when stress and work are piling too high, I take a staycation.  That might mean laying low and turning my NYC apartment into a little spa or finding an Air B&B upstate. Getting out of my current routine and taking the time to breathe and reboot is so important for my sanity! Just changing my environment for a day or two helps me shift my mood and refocus on my goals.

Nikki Niestemski, LIT Method instructor

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Being a trainer we are constantly giving so much energy to our clients that it’s super important for me to fill my cup as well in order to stay balanced.


On the daily, I meditate in the morning and give myself reiki at night.


On the weekly, I surf or practise yoga and this keeps me grounded and happy!


On the monthly, I like to treat myself to acupuncture at Poke or a sound bath at the Den.

Matthew Gavigan, LIT Method instructor

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To stay healthy and happy daily, I make sure I’m doing some type of physical activity, whether it’s a LIT Method class or going outside for a hike, bike ride etc.


At least once a week I take a rest and recovery day, which could consist of laying by the pool, chilling out with friends, the movies, maybe taking a yoga class, or hitting up my favourite spa (Beverly Hills Hot Springs) and getting a sports massage. I also like to hit up my favourite acai bowl place at least once a week and treat myself to a power bowl.


Once in a while, I’ll visit Shape House, which is an urban sweat lodge. It helps me to cleanse and release the toxins in my body. Kind of like a reset.

Justin Norris & Taylor Gainor, co-founders of LIT Method

Consistency is key in our lives, every morning we wake up and start our day off with 10 minutes of headspace. If you haven’t heard of this, go download it right away. It is this amazing meditation app, which helps us prepare for our day and allows us to de-stress and stay focused. Some of our favourite things to do to unwind are: I (Taylor) love to bake with all my powders and potions (ie. Vital proteins and Sun potion’s are my favourite!) and Justin loves to surf. We are pretty simple people, so spending a day at the beach with our puppies keeps us happy.

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