These Are The 10 Sexiest Cities In The United States

They might just surprise you!

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Are you planning your next weekend getaway or your upcoming anniversary trip with your partner? Los Angeles, New York, and even Miami tend to be on the assumed list of “sexy” cities to head to with your love, but it turns out, other cities have much more fun. Lovehoney, a sex toy retailer, just named its list of the sexiest cities in America, and spoiler alert: none of the above cities made the top 10 list.
Instead, Morgantown, West Virginia took the top spot when it came to sexiness, thanks to its penchant for vibrators, bondage, toys (they ranked number one across all of those categories), as well as mango lube.

The second sexiest city — Boulder, Colorado — has gained its spot for its French maid and butler fantasies, purchases of strap-ons, and tendency to opt for raspberry-flavored lube.
Rounding out to top three is Salt Lake City, Utah, a city that also ranks third in vibrators, bondage, and strap-ons.

sexiest cities pittsburgh, pennsylvania
Image via Unsplash user @igorius

The full top 10 list is as follows:

1. Morgantown, West Virginia
2. Boulder, Colorado
3. Salt Lake City, Utah
4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
5. Bozeman, Montana
6. Atlanta, Georgia
7. Montpelier, Vermont
8. Minneapolis, Minnesota
9. Orlando, Florida
10. Dayton, Ohio
While all of the top 10 cities vary across the country — the East coast, Midwest, South, and even the West coast mountain areas are all represented — they all have their very distinct preferences and sexy shopping choices.
For reference, New York City finds itself 284th on the list, while Los Angeles just barely beats it out as the 237th. Turns out, it’s not all about the size — of the city, that is.
If you’re curious where your hometown ranks on the list, check out the full map here.

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