How This Female-Founded Startup Is Promising To Revolutionise Your Sex Life

With all-natural, gender-neutral, minimalist-inspired products.

Sex gel
Image: Maude

Ever thought of sex toys, lube—hell, even condoms as kinda tacky before? All bright colours and provocative imagery that just doesn’t compute with who you are? Well, no more! Maude is here, and their aim is simple; to make sex better for all people. Tired of seeing an outdated, over-assorted, and gendered approach to the sexual experience on the drugstore aisle and in the industry, they have created products that shine a much more human light on sex. Here’s what you need to know about this company to watch.

The principles

improve your sex life

In line with their mission to make sex better for everyone; Maude have a thoroughly inclusive undercurrent in all of their messaging. Their bottom line is that no matter your sexual orientation or preference, these products are for you—and they’ll help you to enjoy sex in a whole new way. In conversation with Buzzfeed, the founders, Dina Epstein and Eva Goicochea said “everyone is different and their sexual preferences are unique to themselves. Because of that, we believe that to change the broader industry and the culture of sex, instead of selling ‘sex,’ you have to put people first, and this means creating a company built on inclusion.” Pretty cool, eh?

The quality and simplicity of the products are also of the utmost importance to the brand, and they work directly with the best-in-class factories to create simple, pared-back items that are gimmick and loud-colour free. Hallelujah!

The prods

Image of individually wrapped condoms on a marble stone.

So what do gender-neutral, sex-life enhancing products with a focus on complete inclusivity look like, we hear you ask? Well, one of the brand’s most pioneering products is their ‘vibe’—a powerful personal massager that boasts three-speed settings, waterproof construction and a velvet touch; not to mention the premium silicone composition that’s latex and phthalate-free.

An organic personal lubricant that’s 100% natural and made with ultra-moisturising aloe, Maude’s ‘shine’ lube is boasts a pH-balanced formula that’s free from glycerin and parabens and manufactured to the ideal osmolality for the body—meaning it’s one of very, very few lubes on the market that’s safe to use when trying to conceive. Their condoms boast a similarly impressive resumé, being ultra-thin, crafted from 100% natural latex and free from harmful chemicals, spermicide and fragrance.

Image of one of Maude's kits set out.

‘Burn’ is their signature massage candle—blended with warming notes of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, tonka bean and Medjool date and made with a pure cotton, lead-free wick and cruelty-free, vegan ingredients. It’s safe to be poured on the skin once melted or simply used to infuse scent in the room.

That’s the current range in a nutshell—see, we told you it was simple! 

The build-a-kit function

If you’re not sure which of Maude’s kits are right for you—their handy ‘build a kit’ function asks you a handful of questions based on what your needs are, and lets you know there and then what kit they recommend you buy.

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