How To Build Your Sexy Self-Care Kit & Enhance A Night In

How to Engage the Senses and Build Your Sexy Self-Care Kit

Setting the mood for romance means engaging all the senses. And just because you’re feelin’ yourself with a solo self-care night doesn’t mean you should forgo the simple sensual pleasures that make for a nice (or naughty) night in.
Incorporate and excite the five senses – touch, taste, smell, sight and sound – to truly treat yourself, whether you’ve got company or not. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite finds to help build your sexy self-care kit and enhance a night in.  


Maude Shine Personal Lubricant

How to Build Your Sexy Self-Care Kit
Image via Maude

Toys, latex and bedside table friendly, this aloe-based 100% natural lubricant is organic, ultra-hydrating, and sophisticated AF. Designed to support any kind of solo or paired-up fun you plan on having (or even simply as relief for personal dryness caused by hormones or birth control), the glycerin and paraben-free formula makes it a modern sex essential.
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Unbound Babes Collection

How to Build Your Sexy Self-Care Kit
Image via Unbound

Good vibes only. Founded by women with a focus on sexual wellness and a mission to spark inclusive, sex-posi conversations, Unbound offers an array of sexy toys for women to deeply (or not so deeply – that’s your call) explore and enjoy their sex lives. Not sure where to start? Take their vibrator quiz to goldilocks your way to the right vibe for you.
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Noni Glow Body Oil

How to Build Your Sexy Self-Care Kit
Image via Kora Organics

The perfect post-bath indulgence for super-soft, gleaming and deliciously scented skin. Treat yourself to a self-massage with this luxurious, lightweight body oil that includes noni fruit extract, rosehip and sunflower seed oils, plus vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to sink instantly into skin and transport your mind to paradise.
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Sexy Tea

How to Build Your Sexy Self-Care Kit
Image via Your Tea

Chinese Medicine tends to focus on the energy of the kidneys to support healthy hormone balance. This sexy blend offers kidney support to enhance mood, boost libido and increase circulation, and is also great for easing anxiety and sipping off a stressy day (as always, consult your healthcare professional before consuming).
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Compartes Chocolate

How to Build Your Sexy Self-Care Kit
Image via Compartes

Savoring a luxurious bite of chocolate is what self-care nights are made for. Treat your tastebuds to a unique flavor like Rose Pink Wine Chocolate or Vegan Kale Dark Chocolate, or spice things up with Dark Chocolate Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate.
Find your favorite flavors here.

Yuyo Botanics CBD

How to Build Your Sexy Self-Care Kit
Image via Yuyo Botanics

Ease into a relaxing evening with a dose of organically and biodynamically grown hemp oils. We love the PM tincture from this women-owned brand which combines sweet orange and hops to combat restlessness and insomnia, bringing on a sense of natural calm without the psycho-active high of THC blends. (CBD curious, but confused? We break it all down for you here).
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Vitruvi Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

How to Build Your Sexy Self-Care Kit
Image via Vitruvi

According to holistic health practitioners, essential oils have specific properties that are believed to affect your mood and mindset. When it comes to sexy scents, heady oils like patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver are known for their sensual nature, while rose and ylang ylang can relax you into your feminine feels. Keep your favorite oils on hand to diffuse in your bedroom, add to a carrier oil for self-massage, or pop into a luxurious bath to enhance your scent-sual self-care experience.  
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LifeStone Infinite Gratitude Candle

How to Build Your Sexy Self-Care Kit
Image via LifeStone

An attitude of gratitude allows more positivity and that is exactly what this candle emulates. Let this rose geranium and rose quartz candle set the tone for your self-care evening, or use it actively in meditation to name all that which you are grateful for and feel your gratitude in advance for things you wish to manifest into your life. PS – Sporteclub members save 20% off everything LifeStone! Join the Sporteclub today to access your exclusive discount code.
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City Lights Lace Bralette and Bloomers

How to Build Your Sexy Self-Care Kit
Image via Spell Designs

Don’t save your sexy skivvies just for company. Slip into whatever makes you feel good (though we’re partial to this bralette and bloomers set) strut around the house and send your hard-working bod some much-deserved love. Better yet? Join the Sporteclub today to access your exclusive discount code! 
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Orange Carnelian

How to Build Your Sexy Self-Care Kit
Image via Energy Muse

According to Energy Muse, Orange Carnelian recharges the energy of the sacral chakra, enhancing sexuality and restoring vitality to the female sex organs.
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Tingles ASMR App

You may not have heard of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, but you’ve likely experienced it. ASMR is the relaxing, tingly sensation some people feel in their head, neck or back in response to specific auditory or visual triggers (often referred to as a brain orgasm).
Get the app here.

Self-Love Mantras

Self-confidence is sexy. Ditch the negative self-talk and keep a handful of self-love mantras on deck to say aloud to yourself. Set an intention and select a self-loving mantra to repeat out loud and incorporate into your inner dialog. Stumped to start? Try one of these self-loving mantras to enhance confidence and boost self-esteem. 

Deep Sleep Support

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