10 Healthy Sweet Recipes We Bookmarked This Year

Warning: may cause sugar-free high

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Nutella. Mars Bars. Apple Pie. We all have our favourite sweet treat. The one thing that’s always an exception. Our weakness. Whether it’s the candy bar we can’t help but buy when filling up fuel or the dessert we have to order no matter how full we are, our favourite is hard to resist.
But as much as we love it, we go to great lengths to avoid that one treat we can’t say no to. We banish it from the house and avoid eye-contact with it in the supermarket. It’s like a relationship gone bad, leaving us sluggish and ten kilos heavier.
So when we find a recipe that promises to make our must-haves healthy (while still resembling the naughty version), it’s no surprise we go wild. In case you missed them—or you just want to go round two—here are the sweet recipes that sent us on a sugar-free high this year.

Top 10 Sweet Recipes Of 2016

Three Healthy Cocktails

cocktails, cocktail recipe, mr lyan, white lyan, spritz recipe
It turns out you’d all prefer booze over biscuits after all. Coming in at number one are the cocktail recipes that won’t ruin your health routine. Forget vodka lime sodas this festive season and start shaking these instead.
Get the recipe here. 

Kayla Itsines’ Healthy Hot Chocolate Smoothie

Hot Chocolate Smoothie, Kayla Itsines, breakfast recipe
If you haven’t heard, the fitness guru has extended her expertise into nutrition as well with the release of her new book, The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide. Ahead of the release, she shared her favourite hot chocolate smoothie recipe which turned out to be one of your favourites too.
Get the recipe here.

Green Kitchen Stories’ Apple Pie In A Glass

green kitchen smoothies, green kitchen stories, david frenkiel, apple pie recipe, healthy apple pie, nut free apple pie, apple pie in a glass
Apple pie is certainly a crowd-pleaser but it’s also a test of one’s culinary prowess; baking a pie isn’t for the faint-hearted. So to save yourself making (and eating) the whole thing, these are the perfect portion. They taste just as good and they’re much harder to f**k up.
Get the recipe here. 

Panaceas Pantry’s Paleo-Friendly “Nutella” Bar

Nutella recipes, paleo-friendly, Loving Earth
If Nutella has been banned from your household (like mine), make a guilt-free exception for this slice. It’s high in protein and healthy fats. Expect nuts, chocolate, caramel and a smile.
Get the recipe here.

Donna Hay’s Choc Nut & Chia Seed Slice

Donna Hay, healthy seed bar, chia seeds
Donna, you’ve done it again. You made it into our favourite savoury recipes for 2016 and here you are again, taking out number five for our top clicked sweet recipes with this choc-nut slice. If you love muesli bars, try these instead. They taste delicious and they’re actually better for you.
Get the recipe here. 

Jacqueline Alwill’s Raw Mars Bar

Raw Mars Bar recipe, Jacqueline Alwill
Are Mars Bars your breaking point? Well, get ready to shatter because these raw “mars bars” taste just like the real thing but won’t leave you feeling sluggish. Being raw, they’re refreshing and easier to digest but will still give you that melt-in-your-mouth moment.
Get the recipe here. 

Green Kitchen Stories’ Next-Level Nut Butter

nut butter, GKS, green kitchen stories, make your own nut butter, nut butter recipe
Hmmm nut butter, you’re so scrumptious, so spreadable, so satisfying, so…simple? This recipe from Green Kitchen Stories is. It has minimal ingredients and maximal explanation so you really can’t go wrong.
Get the recipe here. 

Kara Conroy’s Paleo Anzac Biscuits

anzac biscuits, gluten free anzac biscuits, paleo anzac biscuits, dairy free anzac biscuits, goodness me box, kara conroy
You can’t beat a classic Anzac cookie so we’re not surprised to find this on the list. They have all the best bits of your favourite biscuit, without the gluten, dairy or refined sugar. Dunk them in your tea, guilt-free.
Get the recipe here. 

Green Kitchen Stories’ Surprisingly Simple Semifreddo

green kitchen smoothies, green kitchen stories, clean treats, raw dessert, semifreddo recipe, blueberry smoothie and salted caramel semifreddo
We know this looks tricky but it’s easier than you’d think—and if you’re having guests, it’s totally worth the accolade. All you have to do is make each layer separately, tower them up and put them in the freezer to set. It’s sweet but fresh and won’t leave you feeling sickly full.
Get the recipe here.

Henley’s Wholefoods’ Gluten-Free French Toast

henley's whole foods, sophie henley, french toast, gluten free french toast, healthy french toast, helga's, helgas wholemeal, helgas bread
Love french toast but can’t tolerate gluten? No wheat worries. Henley’s Wholefoods shared their favourite french toast recipe, which was a hit amongst our readers. If you missed it, try it for breakfast tomorrow.
Get the recipe here. 

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