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Here’s what we’re reading that’s getting us ready for the week ahead.

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Where did 2016 go, and how is December already halfway over? We’ll admit—the last few weeks have been a blur of Christmas carols, tinsel and work deadlines. So, here’s what we’re reading that’s helping get our groove back—and getting us ready for the week ahead.

What To Read Today

Quick: Take a look at your Google search history. If you turned to the search engine to answer your most burning questions or find out the most up-to-date info, you’re not alone. Google has released its Year In Search for 2016. The results from the gamut from Pokémon Go to the Taco Cleanse.
If your holiday gift-wrapping efforts usually result in misshapen lumps of paper and sticky tape, you’re not alone. Seriously up your wrapping game with this clever and super-easy guide from laurenconrad.com. And, while you’re at it, add some creative flair to your presents with these gorgeous wrapping ideas.
Need some inspiration for your holiday meals? Here’s Donna Hay’s all-time favourite Christmas sides; from prosciutto-wrapped baby carrots to thyme and champagne-roasted parsnips, chia and sesame pumpkin, and more.
FYI, you’ve probably been doing lunges all wrong. Furthermore schools us on how to properly do the classic exercise without getting injured.

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