Bright Coloured Eyebrows Are Now A Beauty Trend—Would You Try It?

We're talking Crayola crayon bright.

bright coloured eyebrows
Image: Kat Von D Beauty

Recently, I was lucky enough to travel to Melbourne for the launch of Kat Von D Beauty’s very first eyebrow collection. If you’re not familiar with Kat Von D, the former tattoo artist is known for her bold, vibrant and innovative style and her cruelty-free makeup range is no exception. We were treated to a press conference with the Artistry Collective—Kat’s squad of kickass makeup artists. The first thing that struck me about these talented ladies (apart from how cool they all were (seriously, stalk them on Instagram @iamleah, @sstrazzere, @juscallmetara@kelseyannaf ) was that they each rocked bright eyebrow colours. I’m talking, primary colours. As I marvelled at the artistry of it, I thought ‘Hold up—have I missed something? Is this a thing now?’

Turns out, it was a thing. Last year, Popsugar reported that rainbow brows were the latest makeup trend sweeping the ‘Gram. But much like candy cane eyeliner and opal balayage, the trend disappeared just as quickly as they arrived. But the amazing thing about Kat Von D and her team is that they’re not slaves to trends. They see beauty as a form of artistic expression and are inspired by everything from nature to music to food. So, when they rock Crayola-hued brows, they do it with confidence and let me tell you, it works.
We learned that the new 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade comes in 16 different shades, ranging from browns, blondes and blacks to pink, red, blue,  yellow and green. The ultra-pigmented shades are designed to help girls with brightly coloured hair match their brows, or to make a statement of their own.


A post shared by Kat Von D Beauty (@katvondbeauty) on Apr 20, 2018 at 10:14am PDT

While I personally wasn’t brave enough to try primary-coloured brows myself, many of the beauty bloggers at the event did. While at first, seeing their vibrant brows makes you say “wow”, I was surprised how quickly I got used to the look. In fact, in many cases, it actually made their features pop more and was a nice change from the ‘ultra dark and defined brows’ look that is trendy at the moment. It was a nice reminder that beauty is actually meant to be fun and that not everyone is meant to look exactly the same.

#KVDBROWS launches tomorrow

A post shared by Kat Von D Beauty (@katvondbeauty) on Apr 19, 2018 at 11:29am PDT

If you’re keen to do something a bit different with your brows but aren’t game to try bright colours, another highlight to come out of the day was ‘bleached brows.’ The pomade in ‘bleach’ can be used to give the brows a cool, muted effect that gives the face an ethereal, almost alien-esque (in a chic, Gemma Watts kind of way) look.

And for those of us who just want full looking, well-groomed brows that match our hair colour, the long-lasting range of pomades, pencils and dimension powders are pretty damn epic, too. The range is now available from, and in Sephora Australia stores.

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