This Candy Cane-Inspired Beauty Trend Is THE Cutest Look For The Festive Season

candy cane
Image: ktktoo

There are SO many things to love about Christmas. Getting all your loved ones together, the delicious food, the carols and, let’s be honest, the presents! However, one of the most underrated things about the festive season is definitely getting to rock styles you wouldn’t be able to any other time of year. Red paired with green? A winning combo! Cheesy Christmas sweaters? The uglier the better!
This applies not only to fashion but beauty looks, too. And there’s one trend, in particular, that’s taking the beauty world by storm this year—makeup artists and beauty bloggers alike have been going cray for the candy cane eyeliner trend. Yep, everyone’s favourite festive snack is making its way onto our faces and as tacky as it sounds, we actually kind of love it.
The look is pretty simple to replicate at home — you just need some red eyeshadow, white eyeliner and maybe some green glitter for good measure. After all, if you’re going to go festive, you may as well go full festive.
Scroll through the gallery for some of our favourite candy cane eyeliner looks to replicate this festive season.









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