'Opal Hair' Is the Soft and Pretty Trend You Need to Try

So pretty.

opal hair
Image via @rossmichaelssalon and @jennaperryhair

Geode hair, rainbow hair, ghosted hair: The Internet loves a hair color trend. Now, we have a brand new look that mixes both the gray hair trend with the rainbow trend for a soft, pastel, metallic finish—and it’s being called opal hair. Think about it: An opal stone blends pearly iridescent shades of soft pinks, blues, purples, and even greens, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing on Instagram right now.
Aura Friedman, an Insta-famous stylist at Sally Hershberger, has been achieving the metallic-pastel blend for her clients, and told POPSUGAR how she manages to craft the color, so you can take these instructions to your local stylist. Like many of these rainbow trends, it’s easier to achieve if you already have very light or even dyed gray hair. If not, the first step is to lighten their hair to the reach shade just one darker than gray, which is called pearl. “It could either be prelightened to a platinum or pale yellow or it can be painted with heavy highlights and prelightened that way,” she told POPSUGAR.
After toner is used, color can be added—but the trick is to keep the hues subtle. “For me an opal or any iridescent color has these nuances of color with very subtle hints of the greens and the pinks,” she said.
If you’re having a hard time imagining just what the end result would look like, scroll on to see how cool girls on Instagram are wearing the trend below. You might just find yourself calling your booking in at your local salon.

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