One Of The Most Inspiring Women We Know, Elle Halliwell, Just Released A Memoir

She tells her story of learning she was pregnant within 48 hours of her cancer diagnosis.

elle halliwell
Image credit: Bianca Cheah

They say we all have a book inside us, but that definitely rings true for some more than others. We all know those people who have through so much in their short lives that the world just needs to know their story. Journalist, TV personality, mum and good friend to Amodrn, Elle Halliwell is one of those people.
In 2016, then 30-year-old Elle was living a normal—and some would say, charmed—life. She had a successful career as an entertainment and fashion reporter and was happily married to her husband, Nick, with whom she planned to have a baby. But her world came crumbling down when she discovered she had a rare form of leukaemia, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, and just 48 hours later, that she was pregnant.
Elle was forced to grapple with an impossible decision—terminate her unborn baby and begin the treatment that gave her the best chance of survival, or continue with the pregnancy and delay effective intervention for her cancer, a course that could lead to her death. Ultimately, Nick and Elle found an alternative treatment that would allow her to manage her illness until she gave birth, before starting on oral chemotherapy. Incredibly, the pair now has a healthy and happy little boy, Tor and Elle’s cancer is under control.

You can read the short condensed version of Elle’s journey here. But a brief article can only do an incredible story like this so much justice. Thankfully, Elle has just released her debut book, A Mother’s Choice—just in time for mother’s day!

It’s a beautifully written story of hope, love, pain and the fragility of life. Not only does the memoir details Elle’s illness, her pregnancy and giving birth to Tor against the odds, it touches on her newfound passion for health and nutrition. Whether you buy it for the special mum in your life or for yourself, we guarantee the reader will walk away feeling moved and inspired (if a little teary!).
You can buy A Mother’s Choice here or where all good books are sold.

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