Pip Edwards Credits Her Fit And Fab Bod To This One Thing

Consider it her secret weapon.

pip edwards

As P.E Nation’s Co-Founder/Creative Director and single mum-of-one, you’d forgive Pip Edwards if she turned around and said she didn’t have time to fit in regular workouts. But in actual fact, it’s quite the opposite.
Known for her effortless, tomboy style, the queen of athleisure loves nothing more than starting her day with a serious sweat sesh to get her going. Her current obsession? Pilates.
“It’s my a complete mind, body and soul workout—it is life changing,” says Pip. “It’s my hour to concentrate on my body and mind connection, to breathe through the focus and align with my core and really get centred.”
Read on as we throw a few health and fitness questions her way:
What does your training regime currently look like and what other workouts do you enjoy other than Pilates?

I do Pilates with Kirsten King from FluidForm three mornings a week. I try to complement this with a weekly boxing session but it all depends on time! I also enjoy soft sand running and really love to ski and trying to surf (lol). I like to mix it up, however Pilates is always a non-negotiable.

Sweat sesh 💦 @transposefitness @p.e.nation #boxing #penation

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What changes (if any) will you be making to your workout routine moving into winter?

Hitting the snow as much as possible!

What’s one thing that motivates you when you don’t feel like working out?

I feel like with Pilates, I have found something that makes me feel so good that I need to do it. I make myself go, even on my birthday! Also, a lot of my job is front facing—working out is key to feeling good.

Working out is a huge part of my morning routine that I never sacrifice.”

Can you take us through your typical day on a plate?

I start the day with two boiled eggs with a heavy hit of Tobasco. This is generally followed by a smoothie from Cali Press on my way to work after Pilates—I love the choc-minted with extra dates and xct-oil. Mid-morning, I will have a skim mocha with extra chocolate and a handful of cashews. Lunch is mostly a salad, I try to eat as clean as possible. Dinner is much the same. If I need a sweet treat, frozen dates with cashews. I drink water all day—at least two litres generally mixed with a supplement like chlorophyll or collagen.

Current guilty pleasure?

Liquorice. By the bag.

Do you have a specific morning and/or night time routine that you follow?

The mornings are about getting my son and I off for the day and then fitness training before work.  At night, I clean my skin thoroughly—it has taken me a long time to actually take care of my skin. I wind down into bed with a cup of liquorice tea and then use the down time to be creative.

How else do you like to spend your down time?

At the beach or on the basketball court with my son.

If we looked inside your gym bag right now, what would we find?

Lots of P.E Nation of course! Boxing gloves, perfume, Lucas Papaw Ointment, headphones and a change of trainer.

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