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Your Weekly Horoscope News: September 7th – September 13th

Everything you absolutely need to know to get through this upcoming week.

Happy Monday! Amodrn here with your weekly horoscope for September 7th through September 13th. Can you believe it’s actually September? It’s going to be an interesting end of the year, let us tell you. This week, Mars will go into retrograde until November. With the end of summer, comes the feeling like you’re facing some of the issues that you’ve let go of. It will make you feel like you’ll never be able to turn things around. But remember, the universe isn’t here to make things easy. Progress will not happen this way. Keep reading for your weekly horoscope.

weekly horoscope
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Your Weekly Horoscope


Getting overwhelmed is an issue for you, so we recommend you take some time to ease into this retrograde. Prepare yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually for your work to maybe be sort of undone. Don’t fret, this is growth, Aries.


Taurus, this week might be a little difficult for you. As an emotional being, you tend to think of your struggle as non-existent. We’re all going through it, and we believe you. Take the time to communicate your feelings to those around you.


It may feel like the world is out to get you, but she’s actually struggling herself. Do not fret or give up, Gemini. It is collective action that will help us get through this moment. Until that happens, you can get through, day by day.


Cancer, look on the bright side. You need to look at your problems and embrace stepping into someone else’s shoes for once. A different persceptive may be all you need to see that people are not that different from you.


Slow pace is dangerous for you, Leo. Upset that  the world is at a standstill? Us too. But we are all experiencing this collective moment right now. Take a step back and reflect on the past year. What has changed for the better? More than you think, Leo.


We tend to think of all the fun we’re not having and missing, but not the timeline of our accomplishments, Virgo. Since it’s your birthday month, you may be feeling as if you aren’t where you’re supposed to be. But is growing yourself not an accomplishment? Maybe career has taken a step back, but your personal growth is better than ever.


You’re someone who thrives in the unknown, but it may feel a little bit too heavy for you right now. Towards the beginning of the pandemic, you were probably reading every single article that came out for any good news. The only problem is that much is unknown right now. Keep yourself informed, but don’t rely on guesses to make yourself feel at ease. Breathe and be present, do what you can now.


Does thinking about the future stress you out, Scorpio? In fact, when you think about the world today, it’s sort of overwhelming how much is decided for the next few months. You got this. Ride out the wave and make sure to embrace distracting yourself, even just for a second of relief. It’s okay to!


You let your freedom flag fly, Sag! Now you’re a little stressed for the fall. As someone who lives in the present moment, you’re kind of always doing things last minute. This week, actually take the time to prepare yourself for the rest of the year. Whether it be with work, love, or friendship. For you, you feel as if you’re ready to get out of this pandemic, but fear you haven’t used your freedom for growth. Switch it up! Read, work out, get your mind ready for a new world with endless possibility, because sooner than you think, the new normal will just be normal again.


Capricorn, it’s okay to feel things something. Relish in the emotion that’s making you feel a little down right now. Actually sit in it. It will prepare you for your life ahead. When we experience a certain type of emotion, we can face it head on when it strikes again.


We don’t blame you, Aqaurius. Do you feel less energetic than usual? Is your spirit down this week? This narrow path can feel constricting for you, with no end in sight. You can get through it, Aquarius. We can get through it together! 


Don’t take no for an answer, Pisces. The road ahead is marked with a sense of fulfillment. You are experiencing a life event that is difficult to explain. As children of this generation, we felt as if this kind of thing could never happen to us, but it is. Try to find the beauty in it Pisces.

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