Your Weekly Horoscope News: July 13th – July 19th

Everything you absolutely need to know to get through this upcoming week.

Happy Monday! Alex of High Priestess of Brooklyn here with your Astro x  Tarot Scopes for the week of July 13th through July 19th. With the recent Eclipse season behind us, Mercury finally moving direct, and most of our outer planets still in Retrograde (Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune) you may find yourself caught somewhere in limbo between forging ahead and waiting for clarity. Kind of like when you go into the kitchen and forget why you’re there (hint: it’s usually for water. Drink more water!) 
While you’re in cosmic limbo, take this opportunity to think about all that’s come to light in recent weeks. Is there anything you’re still ruminating on? Take this as your opportunity to revisit what’s sticking with you as a lesson. And if you aren’t sure just which area to focus on, see below for your weekly intuitive guidance: 

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Cancer (The Fool):

This season has been all about learning to let go, Cancer. You’ve rarely gone without a plan in your life but realized you’re actually making out just fine without one. Is there something else you’ve wanted to start *brand new*? Go for it!

Leo (The Emperor, Reversed):

Ah, leadership. You’re learning that the structures of society you’ve always believed to be important, are losing their grip, Leo. The Emperor may have no clothes right now (aka they are human, just like us). Sit with that for a minute. 

Virgo (Three of Pentacles):

If you’ve been itching to join a learning-based community, now would definitely be the time to do it, Virgo! The people you meet through this environment will likely help you solidify your skills and make long-lasting relationships.

Libra (Four of Pentacles):

If money has been top of mind, (i.e. how do I get more of it?), this is the time to explore the deeper relationship between you and the cash, Libra. Try this exercise: Think about the healthiest relationship in your life and write down all the reasons. Then replace their name with money. You’re welcome. 

Scorpio (Eight of Pentacles):

You’ve worked hard, Scorpio, so its time to enjoy how far you’ve come! If you’ve been eyeing a new couch or furniture of any sort, you’re free and clear to buy it now that Mercury is out of retrograde. 

Sagittarius (Knight of Wands, Reversed):

Why the rush, Sagittarius? While we know patience is not one of your virtues, you truly can’t make life go any faster. It’s all about timing, so trust the process and slow down. 

Capricorn (The Hermit):

There’s a level of perfectionism you’re trying to achieve this week, which is admirable if not unattainable. If this rings true, remember that perfection can often be the enemy of good. People need to see your work! 

Aquarius (The Devil):

What are the toxic patterns you’ve identified in your life thus far? Be it greed or excess, make sure you cut those demons off at the head this week before they possess you. 

Pisces (Five of Pentacles):

Money matters will be top of mind this week, namely how to help others who may need more than you at this time. If it’s possible for you to give resources of any sort this week, someone will so appreciate you showed up. 

Aries (Three of Swords, Reversed):

This is a week of healing and a welcome respite, Aries. Let this energy wash over everything you need it to in order to move forward. You’re going to need everything well-oiled order for your work ahead!

Taurus (The Tower):

Well, this year is full of towers falling, why would this week be any different?! In the chaos, the best thing you can do is remain calm and let the chips fall where they may. Things will look very different after its over, Taurus. 

Gemini (Nine of Cups, Reversed):

It may be unnatural to go deeper sometimes, but this has been an emotional week. If you’re still not totally sure what the next steps are, schedule in a day of tending to your own needs this week. Whether its a bath or a pedicure, spending some time with yourself will bring about the answers. 

As a rising Capricorn/Gemini Sun/Scorpio Moon and a lifelong student of all things mystic, Alex Caiola, aka High Priestess of Brooklyn uses Tarot and Astrology as a language to interpret energy. She discovered her gift of Claircognizance (Psychic Knowing) in her ’20s, smack-dab in the middle of her ten-year career in Talent Management. Both careers have been centered around her innate ability to understand people. Over time, she realized her gift was taking esoteric, inaccessible wisdom, and breaking it down into practical advice. She founded High Priestess of Brooklyn with the mission of helping people achieve Modern Enlightenment. She believes everyone should be able to access the benefits of mysticism, not just the spiritually elite, so she created this platform to deliver curated spiritual wellness practices in a down-to-Earth format.  Alex resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn so the name High Priestess of Brooklyn was intuitive. 

Consistent Tarot Practice has incredible potential to bring about self-awareness, empathy, and trust in your universal purpose. Alex is here to give that to you. But in order for Spiritual guidance to stick, we have to bring it down to Earth. Alex believes in prescribing the best solution for the situation, which may be a Salt bath, a tough conversation with your partner, a manifestation list, or all of the above. During these unprecedented times, she can help guide you through difficulties you might be facing and help you better understand and become the best version of yourself. 

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