6 Apps That Will Supercharge Your Spirituality

The spiritual world meets the 21st century.

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Sure, you want to get a bit more spiritual, but you’re also a die-hard millennial who uses apps for everything from music and Instagram to workouts and mindfulness. Luckily there are a wealth of apps that can help you live your best damn spiritual life, from those that teach you how to better your journaling and meditation practice, to kindness and astrology aids.

We know full well what a source of stress our phones and constantly-connected lifestyle can be, but the life-hub that is the iPhone can also be used to help you slow down and access your spiritual side.

Here are 6 apps you need in your life in order to become the most spiritual version of yourself:

Jiyo App

Created by Deepak Chopra, a new-age Guru, and proponent of alternative medicine, Jiyo is intended to become your one-stop health companion and personal transformation platform. The app is meant to address all the facets of healthy consciousness, including personal growth, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and relationships.

This cutting-edge wellness destination is filled with ‘healthy nudges’ like taking a break during the workday, how to wind down for bed, and things that will help you lead a spiritually-fulfilled life.

Spirit Junkie

Straight from the spiritual dame that is Gabby Bernstein, the Spirit Junkie app keeps the good vibes flowin’ throughout your day with inspiring affirmations. The idea is that you can meditate on this affirmation, repeat it throughout your day, or set reminders to view it and let it bring you back to the center.

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You can also scroll through previous affirmations in order to find one that resonates with you. This can become your meditation mantra, or you can share with friends to help spread the high-vibe, spiritual love.

Law of Attraction Toolbox

Master manifesting with this handy app by Abraham Hicks, the Law of Attraction guru. It offers visualizations for intentional manifesting, affirmations for raising your vibrations, and practical support via reminders, a journaling tool, and alarms to make sure you put the work in.

Their app includes a community feed where people share inspiring content, where you can find guided meditations and videos, and articles by holistic health experts.


If you’re into astrology and want to keep up with your horoscopes, look no further than the CoStar app.

The insights it offers are personalized to your entire natal chart (not just your star sign), and it offers guidance as the planets move in real-time. How cool is that?!

Day One Journal

If you’re looking for a way to journal but find the process of putting pen to paper too overwhelming (hey, this is the twenty-first century after all), then this is definitely the app for you. It stores all of your past journals, while also offering the ability to add photos and finer details like location, time, date, and weather to your entries.

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Recording your life as you live it can help you to process your emotions in real time, creating more space and energy to dedicate to other spiritual practices.

Happy Not Perfect

Designed to change the way we look after our minds, the Happy Not Perfect app consists of 7 easy steps to a calmer you. It encourages you to check in with yourself, take a breather, let go of your worries, reframe with gratitude, create mindful distractions, practice compassion and make someone else feel good. Sounds like a pretty damn happy place to be, right?

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