The Best Not-So-Normal Healthy Snacks We Love Eating At Home

From Dirty Lemon to Sakara Life, here are some of the delicious and unordinary snacks we're obsessed with.

Now that we’ve all been spending quite a bit of time at home, we find ourselves heading for the fridge more often than not. What? It’s difficult not to when you’re at home so much more. Instead of going for snacks that are not the best for us and make us feel a little queasy after a while, we’ve opted to go as healthy as possible. Our fridge is filled with all types of wonders that leave us full, nourished, and asking for more! We here at Amodrn have created this list of our not-so-normal healthy snacks that we love to munch on while at the home office. They’re not traditional in the least, but they keep our wellness levels at the ultimate high.
Keep reading for our list of the best healthy snacks!

The Best Healthy Snacks That We Love

1) Hi! Protein Powder ($59.99 For 20 Servings):

best healthy snacks
Image: Hi! Protein
We know, sounds crazy, but did you know that crickets naturally have higher protein content than other popular sources? Unlike beef and eggs, they have a super minimal effect on the environment. Crickets produce virtually no methane and require minimal feed, water, and space to raise and farm when compared to traditional protein sources. 

2) Sakara Life’s Popcorn Trio ($45)

best healthy snacks
Image: Sakara Life

This organic popcorn is made with clean ingredients and packaged in a limited-edition paint splatter tin for the summer! It’s 32 cups of three superfood flavors that are sweet, savory, and cheesy! Not to mention, the popcorn itself has metabolism-boosting ingredients!

3) Pipcorn Lime Zest Corn Dippers ($16 For 4 Bags)

best healthy snacks
Image: Pipcorn

Pipcorn’s Lime Zest Corn Dippers are one of our favorites on the list. Made with non-GMO heirloom corn, sea salt, and real lime juice, these fresh corn dippers taste incredibly delicious and we’re obsessed with them. They have popcorn and cheese balls to boot as well!

4) Kashi Plant-Based Protein Waffles ($3.49 Per Pack)

best healthy snacks
Image: Kashi

If you’ve ever indulged in a Golden Milk Latte, you’ll know where our inspiration for these delicious gluten-free waffles came from. Featuring superfood ingredients for a wholesome breakfast experience, the crispy and soft contrast will delight your taste buds, while the subtle hints of ginger and turmeric will transport you to another time and place.

5) Dirty Lemon + Aloe ($65 For 6 Bottles)

best healthy snacks
Image: Dirty Lemon

Dirty Lemon’s refreshing qualities in any of their incredible beverages are enough to make your summer incredible. Their restorative elixir is formulated with ultra-nourishing aloe and coconut to revive and refresh skin while providing instant hydration. This aloe version is perfect for an incredible day on the beach.

6) Perfect Bar Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ($24 for 8 Bars)

best healthy snacks
Image: Perfect Bar

A protein bar that’s insanely delicious and tastes like you’re having dessert. This bar is sweet, salty, and everything in between. Packed with a ton of protein, we’re obsessed with this guilt-free snack!

7) Kiva Cannabis-Infused Hot Chocolate ($6)

best healthy snacks
Image: Kiva Confections

Feeling like Christmas in summer, perhaps? Kiva’s fast-acting cannabis-infused hot chocolate is a rich and delicious snack crafted from all-natural ingredients. Made with California-grown cannabis, we love to have this treatment towards the end of the day.

8) Peckish Perfectly Boiled Eggs “Eggs & Everything” ($55 For 10 Packs)

best healthy snacks
Image: Peckish

Say hello to Peck-ish’s finest perfectly boiled eggs paired with the taste of everyone’s favorite bagel flavor! All the fun, half the calories! Rich, creamy yolks meet crispy onion and garlic flakes, salty, crunchy sesame seeds, and poppy seeds.

9) Hungryroot Almond Chickpea Cookie Dough (Part Of Hungryroot Subscription)

best healthy snacks
Image: Hungryroot

A sweet, gooey treat that can be baked or eaten raw. We love to eat it raw! This beloved chickpea cookie dough is so good and super good for you!

10) Daily Harvest Scoops Ice Cream in Strawberry + Rich, Rippled Berry Compote ($8.99)

best healthy snacks
Image: Daily Harvest

You’ve never had ice cream like this before. Vegan, delicious, and oh-so-summer. It’s a combo of fresh-picked strawberries, tart raspberries, and tropical dragon fruit is an antioxidant-rich swirly treat fresh enough to rival any dairy ice cream.

11) Poppi Probiotic Soda in Raspberry Rose ($35.88 For A 12-Pack)

healthy drink
Image: Poppi

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a centuries-old remedy for stomach troubles and more, and there’s about one tablespoon of it in every can of Poppi. Poppi’s is pure and unfiltered, so it contains the “mother,”. We love all of their delicious flavors.
While you’re here, check out some of our favorite healthy beverages that we love. 

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