9 Of Our Favorite Fresh, Nutritious Snacks That Keep Us Healthy

From granola bars to delicious bone broth, all healthy and all to-go.

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We don’t know about you, but lately, when we’ve been shopping at the grocery store, we’ve been encountering the type of healthy, nutritious snacks we’re making at home. The refrigerated section is filling up with the kind of wholesome, fresh snacks typically prepared and portioned in advance at home. Things like hard-boiled eggs with savory toppings, pickled vegetables, drinkable soups, and mini dips and dippers of all kinds. They’re all perfectly portioned and in convenient single-serve packaging. Even the nutrition bars you usually see on shelves have made their way from the shelves to the chiller, thanks to the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables. These snacking innovations mean ingredients lists are shrinking. You can bet there’s a lot less guesswork in picking up a quick snack you can feel better about.
With the health-conscious growing in numbers and healthy recipes available galore, the following snacks are super helpful in allowing us to live a life of wellness. We’ve rounded up nine of our favorite healthy snacks that are out of the box, and into the fridge. Keep reading below for more!

9 of Our Favorite Fresh, Healthy Snacks

1) Peckish Fresh Protein Packs: Eggs & Maple Waffle ($5.50 per peck pack/$55 for a monthly subscription)

best healthy snack options
Image: Peckish

Say hello to nature’s finest perfectly boiled eggs paired with salty-sweet Maple Waffles inspired dip. Sweet and savory, all in one. Shop the brand here.

2) Clio Sweet Yoghurt Bars With Greek Honey ($15 for a 16-pack)

best healthy snacks
Image: Clio Yoghurt Bars

These cheesecake bars come in six flavors: strawberry, vanilla, honey, hazelnut, blueberry, and espresso. You’ll probably want to eat all of them. Each bar contains eight grams of protein, with the exception of the hazelnut bar that has nine grams of protein. Shop the brand here.

3) Nona Lim Vietnamese Pho Bone Broth ($29.99 for a 6-pack)

best healthy snack options best healthy snack options
Image: Nona Lim

Inspired by Tom Kha Gai, Nona Lim’s flavor is big, bold, and beautiful. Slow-simmered organic chicken bone broth, coconut cream, lemongrass, and lime juice come together to create an explosion in your mouth. Shop the brand here.

4) Perfect Bar Refrigerated Protein Bars: Peanut Butter (Box of 8 for $24)

best healthy snacks ever
Image: Perfect Bar

Say hello to nature’s finest perfectly boiled eggs paired with flavorful fried rice inspired dip. When Peckish’s rich, creamy yolks meet delicious green onion, crispy quinoa, umami-rich tamari, and sweet carrot flakes. Take just one dip and you’ll be obsessed. Shop the brand here.

5) Good Culture Organic Cottage Cheese: Strawberry Chia ($2.30 per cup)

best healthy snack options
Image: Good Culture

Live culture and a delicious strawberry flavor pack a punch. Not to mention, aid your body in digestion. Shop the brand here.

6) Purely Elizabeth Coconut Cashew Whole Food Nut + Seed Bar ($27.50 for a 12-pack)

best healthy snacks
Image: Purely Elizabeth

New and improved Whole Food Nut + Seed Bar! A salty-sweet grain-free bar. Filled with nutrient-dense nuts and seeds and sweetened with coconut sugar. This bar boasts just 5g of added sugar and a new satisfying crunch. Shop the brand here.

7) Compartés Spring Awakening Mixed Berries Dark Chocolate Bar ($9.95)

best healthy snacks ever
Image: Compartés

Compartés Spring Awakening dark chocolate bar brings you the taste of spring with every bite. Deep dark chocolate studded with all-natural dried strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. It’s just as beautiful as it is gluten-free and vegan. Shop the brand here.

8) Karma Golden Tumeric Wrapped Cashews ($9.99)

best snack options
Image: Karma

Karma’s Golden Turmeric Wrapped cashews include their natural skin. They are the perfect blend of exotic turmeric and chili, air-roasted without oil. Shop the brand here.

9) Pipcorn Lime Zest Corn Dippers (4 bags for $16)

best snacks
Image: Pipcorn

Made with non-GMO heirloom corn, sea salt, and real lime juice, these fresh corn dippers will put a smile on your face. Pair with any dip you want to keep the party going. Shop the brand here.
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