nancy meyers shopping guide carrot
Image: Courtesy of Carrot

You Can Use a Browser Extension to Make Your Home Look Like A Nancy Meyers Movie

Use Carrot to make shopping online a lot easier.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been spending most of my time shopping online while we’re lying low this winter. Usually, that means a million browser tabs with open items haunting my entire being while I frantically search for what I wanted to buy in the first place. But not this year! I’ve been using something to help me organize everything on my shopping list into a clean, easy to look through itemized list. It’s called Carrot!

Carrot is a recently launched, first of its kind browser extension that lives in your Chrome and captures all of your open shopping carts (so there is no additional step or website needed) across the entire internet—we’re talking Amazon, Reformation, Shopbop, CB2, Ulta, and more. Carrot gives you the ability to organize those items in whatever categories you want and has the ability to make your carts shareable so you don’t need to send your friends, partner, or family (think like an actionable Pinterest) a screenshot of what you’re thinking of buying. It’s a game-changer for online shopping and we’re kind of obsessed with it. Just download the extension and click through whenever you’re on a browser page that incluces an item that’s on your list of things to purchase. Did we mention that Paris Hilton is an investor?

Recently, the browser extension has partnered up with a super popular Instagram account to curate a listicle called The Nancy Meyers collection. This collection is full of incredible home decor items that feel warm, inviting, and just like you’re in one of her romantic comedies. Keep reading for more on this incredible new digital tool and the different ways Carrot makes shopping easy.

nancy meyers shopping guide carrot
Image: Courtesy of Carrot

You Can Use a Browser Extension to Make Your Home Look Like A Nancy Meyers Movie

We are obsessed with all things Nancy Meyers and can’t help but fall in love with the characters, love stories, and interiors she brings to life in each and every one of her films. Carrot worked with the Instagram account @nancymeyersinteriors to curate a Nancy Meyers-inspired collection. From cookware to feel like Meryl Streep in ‘It’s Complicated’ or slippers to go full Jack Nicholson in ‘Something’s Gotta Give’. We wanted to share this tool with our readers to help them organize all of their open carts and give them this amazing Nancy Meyers listicle. You can click here to see the listicle online and you can click here to download Carrot for your own browser. Let us know what you end up putting into your shopping lists!

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