9 Amazing Items That’ll Turn Your Space Into The Chicest Home Office

From Dims Home to Anthropologie, we're about to make WFH work for you.

Image: Alexa Williams

Working from home bumming you out? Are you not able to find the inspiration to work from a space that isn’t the organized, buzzy office you once had before COVID-19? We’ve listed the best home office items and decor we love to get you in the mood to get all your work done and be inspired again. It’s tough when you’ve got the family at home, kids on Zoom with their teachers, the constant need for entertainment, and more. Not to mention, you’re probably attempting to watch the news every five seconds. We’ve got you covered. Keep reading for 15 items that’ll turn your space into the chicest home office.

9 Pieces of Decor That’ll Turn Your Space Into The Chicest Home Office

1) Dims Home Eave Desk ($795)

best home office items
Image: Dims Home

This desk is everything! It’s a generously sized item that is easily assembled (so you can get back to work), and it’s gorgeous to look at!

2) Joybird GERD Desk Chair ($421)

best at home office decor
Image: Joybird

Take a seat, and feel eco-friendly too! The Gerd Desk Chair, built from reclaimed wood, lets you give your chair’s components new life in your office space.

3) Apple Macbook Pro 16″ ($2,399)

best at home office decor
Image: Apple

This is Apple’s latest creation, full of space, power, and more. We love to switch seamlessly from WordPress to Photoshop, all while taking our Zoom calls!

4) I Am Fy Bonnie & Clyde Print ($26)

best at home items
Image: I Am Fy

Add a little beauty to your work station! This print is fun, artsy, and super cool.

5) XY3 Kygo Zenon Headphones ($199)


best at home office items
Image: Kygo

The XENON headphones are a perfect way to escape from unwanted noise. The hybrid noise-canceling technology allows you to be in your world in complete silence or while listening to your favorite music.

6) Anthropologie Positive Vibes Mug ($14)

best at home office items
Image: Anthropologie

Remind yourself every day that this journey is a struggle, but we should be positive through it and thankful for what we have. We love ceramics, and the bright design here makes us happy and brightens our mood.

7) Nicole Miller Faux Fur Throw ($120)

best at home decor items
Image: Nicole Miller

This is a one of a kind faux fur throw made from super soft faux fur. A beautiful accessory to any decor. This blanket is thick and soft with a plush velour backing.

8) Ban.do Wellness Planner ($29.95)

best at home decor items
Image: Ban.do

This planner is full of great info and advice from some of the top-leading, favorite female experts, two pages of stickers, encouraging tear-out cards, activity trackers, and more. Plus, Issue 2 is full of all new and updated content! So even if you already have the first, you can learn a lot of new things about your physical and mental wellness from this new edition.

9) Bloomscape Fiddle Leaf Fig ($195)

best at home office items
Image: Bloomscape
Tall, sculptural, and dramatic. This plant will flourish in the right conditions. And make you happy!

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