Stressed? We've Found 4 Calming Online Events For You

From the comfort of your own home

Online Wellness Events
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Who would have thought you would have so many activities to do in lockdown! Thanks to the digital world, there are so many lifestyle, wellness, and mental health events that we can attend from the comfort of our own homes.
While a few weeks ago the idea of isolation may have seemed bleak, more businesses have been putting on some great activities to occupy your time that will also make you feel great.

Here is a snapshot of some of our favorite calming online events to attend this month

Silent Night In

Online wellness events
Supplied — Luke McCleod
Luke McLeod is hosting a fundraising event called Silent Night In on April 30th at 8pm where all ticket sales will go directly to people who are doing it tough at the moment. In fact, he posted a call-out on Instagram asking his followers to nominate people in need so that he could ensure that funds go directly to the people who need them — what a guy! Expect an evening of bliss, as Luke takes you on an inner journey to relax the mind and soothe the soul with a live-guided 30-Min Manifest Mediation.
Tickets are $10 and it is a great way to help both yourself and others

Buy tickets HERE >

After a successful online Flow After Dark silent yoga disco earlier this month, Flow Athletic has just announced that they are hosting a “Mellow” edition on Wednesday, May 6th at 7pm. The event will be led by Australia’s favorite yoga teacher, Kate Kendall & the one and only DJ James Mack who magically weave together slow-flowing yoga with music to make the ultimate mellow experience. Each song is carefully curated to melt you into the mood and movement of the practice, relieving stress and tension.
Tickets are $10, expect 40minutes of movement, and 20minutes of guided rest.

Buy tickets HERE >

PostiviTea Retreat by Shannon Rosie

Online Wellness events
PostiviTea Retreat by Shannon Rosie
Shannon Rosie is putting on 10 days of inspirational wellness gems to nourish your body, calm your mind and lift your spirits. Whenever faced with a difficult situation Shannon’s Grandma used to say, “Let’s start with a good cup of tea.” So what better way to start your day right now, than with a heart-warming Morning Cup of PositiviTea.
PositiviTea is designed to empower you with some healthy at-home habits to support you while you stay at home as well as set you up so you’re in great shape for whatever you want to make of life after lockdown.  Imagine emerging from your corona-cocoon with beautiful new wellness wings. It can be possible to come out of this in better shape, holistically than you were when you first agreed to ‘stay at home’.
How it works:
  • Every morning for 10 days you will wake up to an email from the PositiviTea team with three simple, effective, and inspirational wellness gems.
  • Take what you need, leave what you don’t.
  • Daily PositiviTea will inspire, nourish, nurture and encourage you while you stay at home and help set you up to be a healthier, happier version of yourself when you get to go back out into the world again.
  • They include mental health practices, movement, journaling, nutrition tips, a DIY project to get your creative juices flowing and much more

Learn more HERE >

Bare and Wild Digital Reset Retreat

Calming wellness online event
The half-day digital retreat is designed to inspire you to slow down (and not feel guilty about it!), look inwards, digitally connect with like-minded souls, and feel joy! Bare and Wilde have invited incredibly inspiring women and wellness educators from all around Australia to help you survive and thrive during these uncertain times including Brieann Boal, founder of Wabi Sabi Well based in Byron Bay, Ema Taylor, nutritionist, and naturopath also based in Byron Bay, Nina Sabey, founder of Sabey Wellness based in Sydney.
  • 17/May/ 2020
  • Tickets $39
  • Starts at 9am- 1230pm from your home
Learn more HERE >

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