Skin Not Thriving In Quarantine? Here's Why

To wash...or not to wash...that is the question. 

Skin health
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Now that we’re social distancing, working from home, and rarely leaving the house, your daily routine has likely shifted – I know mine has. I never know what day it is, what time I should change out of my morning PJs and into my afternoon PJs, and if a face wipe will count as washing my face. Since we’re avoiding the outdoors most of the time that means we’re not exposed to environmental damage and toxins…so you can chill with your skin cleansing diligence, right? 
WRONG. So wrong. Ugh. 
I thought my skin would be THRIVING in quarantine but alas, that is simply not the case, and here’s why, explained by the skin goddess and Tatcha ambassador, Yolanda Mata aka known facialist, Yoli Glo

Environmental damage isn’t the only skin stressor 

“While we may not be exposing our skin to many of the environmental stressors by staying home, our skin is still fighting other types of irritants that can potentially lead to long and short-term damage,” says Mata. “Toxins include UV rays from sun exposure (especially if you are sitting near a window), blue light from digital screens, dandruff, dust, and chemicals found in cleaning supplies that can be transmitted by skin contact or through the air.” And that’s just to name a few. 
If you’re like me and have become a cleaning freak, the trade-off might be your skin health so it’s important to keep your skincare regimen as consistent as possible. 

Cleanse twice a day – it’s not overkill

“Healthy skin is happy skin, and one of the ways to keep your skin functioning and looking its best is through twice-daily cleansing. Use a gentle cleanser in the morning, and cleansing oil to remove any dirt or makeup from the day in the evening,” Mata explains. 
Seal the deal with your serum of choice, moisturizer, and eye cream. Continue to layer your skincare as you normally would. 

Still exfoliate 

“Depending on your skin’s sensitivity and the exfoliant, you should be exfoliating twice daily – once in the morning and again at night before bed – using a gentle chemical exfoliant. Avoid harsh physical exfoliants as they can damage the skin’s surface and potentially lead to irritation,” explains Mata. 
The frequency of exfoliating (and the type of exfoliant you’re using) will completely depend on your skin type and preference. Listen to your skin – pay attention to how it reacts to certain products. Maybe that means only exfoliating once or twice a week, and that’s okay! Your skin will also decide whether physical or chemical exfoliants are best for you. 
Our go-to gentle, physical exfoliant (which use particles such as seeds, powders, or beads to remove dead skin): Fresh Sugar Face Polish Exfoliator

Skin health
Image credit Fresh

Our go-to gentle, chemical exfoliant (which typically contain ingredients like acids or enzymes that dissolve the “glue” that holds the dead skin cells together to encourage cell turnover): Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliator
Skin health
Image credit: Paulas Choice

Don’t cheat yourself – invest in your skin

“The time you take in the morning and evening for your skincare rituals is time to take a moment of self-care for yourself – which is more important now than ever,” says Mata. 
You can keep your skin fresh and glowing without applying makeup during this time. Mata recommends supplementing your skincare ritual with a serum, mask, and a protective primer. If you want to be dripping in dew (you’re lying if you don’t) try Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mask

What you can ditch for the time being

“You can forgo long-wear formulas (including foundations or lip products) to allow your skin the chance to breathe,” says Mata. A common misconception is that you don’t need to apply sunscreen if you’re not planning on going outside, but that’s not true! It’s important to always wear an SPF throughout the day to protect your skin.”
Moral of the story: SPF is your BFF, forget the makeup for now and don’t neglect your skincare regimen, especially cleansing! 

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