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The Great Outdoors: A Getaway at Getaway

Super-cute DIY coffees, camping utensils, all tucked in a tiny cabin.

As we head into the 18th month of the pandemic, I needed to get away—and after scrolling endlessly on Instagram on a Sunday evening, I was hit with an ad for  Getaway, a destination nestled in Big Bear or about a two-hour drive from Los Angeles—tucked away in tiny cabins, Getaway offers undistracted time to allow you to slow down, disconnect from work and technology, and is quiet. Staying in their Los Angeles outpost, for a mere 24 hours, I felt relaxed, at peace after a sound 10-hour sleep, and left feeling calm and re-centered.

The founder of Getaway Jon Staff founded the darling outposts in 2015 to serve city dwellers with a place to escape to nature to reflect, recharge, and unplug. The tiny cabins are placed in nature, and are easily accessible to stressed-out people (i.e…. me!) looking to escape and rejuvenate. Years later, Getaway now has 13 area properties, and comes easily accessible with a simple self check-in and self check-out, alongside a designated parking spot, a phone “lockbox” and everything you need including super-cute DIY coffees, camping utensils, all tucked in a tiny cabin with AC and heat. Keep reading for more on Getaway.

The Great Outdoors: A Getaway at Getaway

Here’s how it worked: 

  • Booking Online: You can book a Getaway at any of their 16 Outposts online, and a week before your stay, they’ll email you the Outpost address, and the morning of your check in, they’ll send you the name of your cabin and your door code. 
  • Self Check-In: With no front desk, you’ll simply self check in and later, self check out. Checking in is as simple as parking in your designated spot, punching in the door code, locking your phone away, and taking a deep breath.
  • What To Do: Nothing! That could be reading in your comfy bed (pup pals are welcome!), play cards, read in your outdoor deck chairs, or simply sleep and rise to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows that paint a sunrise every morning. 
  • What To Bring: Their cabins are custom-built and range from 140 to 200 square feet and come with everything you need for a simple escape to nature: a comfy queen bed or queen bunks, linens, a 2 burner stove, mini-fridge, sink, toilet, hot shower with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, heat and AC, an outdoor fire pit with grilling grate and outdoor seating, cookware, silverware, dishware, a mini-library, and a cell phone lockbox to encourage disconnection. I brought my pajamas, sweatpants, and cozy camp socks and a good book! 
  • But WiFi?: Outposts have limited cell phone reception and no WiFi; a landline is provided in the cabin in case of emergencies. Their team is available by text, call, or email to ensure that their  guests’ experiences are completely stress-free.

For those looking to ‘getaway’ the rates start at $109 a night, though vary by location, seasonality and availability. Interested in escaping the city for a night? Visit HERE to learn more!

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