Apparently, Online Shopping Makes Us Happier Than Looking At Cute Puppies Or Memes

Uh oh, this is dangerous news!

online shopping
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There are a few things we know we should probably do when we’re feeling down—meditation, exercise, taking to a trusted friend… But let’s be honest: when that mood strikes, we don’t always have the clarity of mind to partake in these kind of self-care activities. Nope, when we’ve had a crappy day at work or have been ghosted by the guy we like, you’re more likely to find us doing one of three things 1) online shopping 2) looking at pictures of cute puppies 3) scrolling through hilarious memes. All three activities are almost always accompanied by delicious snack foods.
There’s no doubt that all of these activities are serious instant mood boosters. But according to a new study, one reigns supreme by a landslide. The Happiest Place in Digital report from commerce marketing firm, Rokt, explored consumers’ emotions when taking part in various digital activities, including shopping, social media, and search activity.
The research showed than in the study of more than 4000 people, 81% of people said they were happiest when online shopping (compared to scrolling through their social media feed or Googling things).

online shopping
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The research showed that 28% of respondents were less likely to be multi-screening or multitasking when online shopping, than when they were scrolling through social media. This revealed that consumers are not only at their happiest when making online purchases, but also their most engaged.
We could definitely see how this could be the case. We’ve all experienced the drain of time and energy caused by mindlessly scrolling through social media. On the flip side, there’s a definite thrill that comes from knowing you have a cute pair of leggings or fun tech gadget on their way. That said, not many of us are in a position where we can afford to shop every time we’re feeling less-than-perfect. Next time you’re feeling a little blue, why not try something as simple (and free!) as getting out in the sunshine, gratitude journalling or using this self-care app?

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