You Can Now Join the Mile High Club, Thanks to Qantas' New App

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Need to check “joining the mile high club” off your bucket list? There’s an app for that.
Thanks to a bit of an accidental in-flight app, Australians will now be able to chat up that cutie they spot in the back row.
Just last week, Qantas Airways revealed their latest Boeing Dreamliner, an upgraded plane that features larger seats, windows, is more environmentally-friendly, and also gives passengers the ability to date while at 30,000 feet.
Yep, they’ve launched “Seatchat”, an in-flight app that lets you message a person in another seat, given that you know their seat number.

While playing cupid wasn’t exactly what Qantas had intended, we have no doubt the in-flight messenger will be used for more than just niceties.
So, if you’re waiting around at the gate and happen to make heart eyes at another fellow flier and catch their seat number on their boarding pass (or simply count up how many rows they’re behind you), you can easily chat them up thanks to the airline’s messaging system. Who knows, you might even find yourself watching The Notebook together over a Neil Perry dinner for two—before making your dash to the bathroom, of course.
While we’re excited about taking our love to new heights, there’s a downside to “Seatchat”: you’ll have to say good bye to your failsafe pajama-for-the-plane outfit and upgrade your flying wardrobe with one of these trendy athleisure looks—at least they’ll be sure to start a conversation with the other well-dressed passenger in the members-only lounge.
Fact: We’ve never looked forward to a flight this much.
Not so good at picking up? At least you can be anyone when you’re in the air. Just say you’re a lawyer and they’ll go weak at the knees—it’s one of the sexiest professions, according to dating apps.

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