13 Stylish Athleisure Looks That Are Perfect For Travelling

Say goodbye to uncomfortable jeans and ugly trackies.

What you wear on the plane can make or break your flying experience. Wearing tight jeans seems like a good idea, until the waistband digs into your skin when you’re trying to sleep. But if you wear a skirt, you’ll have to ask the stewardess for about 10 extra blankets to shield you from the air con! The obvious option is PJs, but then in order to look reasonably presentable at the airport you have to get changed in the tiny airplane bathroom. Luckily, there is a middle ground that allows you to be warm and comfortable yet still look effortlessly stylish – athleisure! Yep, our favourite style is just as perfect for globetrotting as it is for the gym, running errands or just about anything else. So, in case you’re in need of some inspo for your next trip, scroll through for 13 athleisure styles that are totally worth copying.

Gorgeous in grey

Image: Pinterest/laurenconrad.com

Shop a similar leggings look.

Laidback leather

Image: Pinterest/asoutherndrawl.com

Shop a similar leggings look

Slouchy style

Image: Pinterest/beigerenegade.com

Shop a similar pants look.

Invest in a vest

Image: Pinterest/crystalinmarie.com

Shop a similar vest look.

Travel in tweed

Image: Pinterest/witwhimsy.com

Shop a similar coat look.

Minimalist chic

Image: Pinterest/theruecollective.com

Shop a similar sneakers look.

Luxe layers

Image: Pinterest/erastyleloft.com

Shop a similar sneakers look.

Understated elegance

Image: Pinterest/flowersandfolk.com

Shop the exact sneakers look.

Tomboy cool

Image: sincerelyjules.com

Shop a similar jogger pants look.

Sporty chic

Image: Pinterest/meganbatoon.com

Shop the exact leggings look.

Globetrotting glam

Image: Pinterest/lifebylee.com

Shop the exact jacket look.

Beautiful blush

blush, athleisure
Image:Pinterest/ arelastudio.com

Shop a similar sweater look.

Simple yet sweet

Image: Pinterest/thatdashbetween.com

Shop a similar cardigan look.

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