The Athleisure Trends That Are In And Out For 2017, According To Bandier's Founder

Newsflash: The crop top trend isn't going anywhere.

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Staying on top of fashion trends can be tough, considering how quickly they come and go. But even though fashion publications have foreseen the “downfall of athleisure”, it’s pretty clear that sportswear isn’t going anywhere.
There’s a lot happening in this burgeoning field, so we caught up with Jennifer Bandier to learn more about what to expect from athleisure in 2017. Bandier opened her first eponymous athletic wear store in 2014 in Southampton, Long Island. Since, she’s launched four more wildly successful stores—three in Manhattan and one in Dallas, Texas.
We’re huge fans of Bandier because the boutique carries new, under-the-radar activewear brands that are hard to find online or in other stores. As a result, Bandier’s stores have elevated now-popular brands like P.E. Nation and Varley to athleisure fame—and consistently carries trendsetting pieces.
Here are the trends Jennifer Bandier predicts will be huge in 2017, and what to toss from your closet this year.

Which fashion trends do you think really defined activewear in 2016?

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Cutouts were a big trend in 2016, largely because activewear brands started experimenting with new techniques, using a laser to create strategically placed slits in leggings and crop tops. Activewear evolved into something sexier that could be worn at the gym and for a night out.

Are any trends that were super popular over the past year going to roll over to the new year, or is it time to retire some of our old favourites?

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In 2016, women substituted crop tops for sports bras. Often paired with a high waisted legging, this trend is here to stay. I think we will see this trend continue in 2017 with an expanded offering of crops that have long sleeves and higher necklines.

If 2016 was all about comfort and athleisure, how would you describe the look and feel of fitness style for 2017?

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The 2017 fitness look is fashion meets function. Activewear trends are increasingly coming direct from the runway! Some of my favourite trends for 2017 include all-white activewear looks and, in contrast, bold, colour blocked leggings.

What are the coolest technological advances you’re looking forward to seeing more of in the next year?

Technology is a major differentiating factor and I’m interested to see what smart fabric advancements we will see in 2017.

Any up-and-coming brands we should keep an eye out for? 

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No Ka’oi and 925 Fit!

Based on the what women are buying from Bandier, do you have a prediction about what the hot new workout of 2017 might be?

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Amanda Kloots launched “The Rope” in 2016 and I expect it to really take off in the year ahead! It’s the only full-body toning jump rope class in NYC! [Ed. note: We called it back in October!] 

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