Why Sex Is The Self-Care Ritual Your Mental Health Will Thank You For

With a new survey finding just how much sex benefits our mood!

Think self care and tend to think there’s only one route to sound mental health… face masks, baths, slow walks and yoga?

Well think again… it turns out sex can be just as soothing to the soul as soaking until you’re a prune in the bathtub⁠—and FYI way less luke warm too! 
A new global report from sex toy company Lovehoney – which surveyed over 3000 people⁠—found that sex is considered the number one crowd favourite when it comes to a natural mood boost.
When participants were asked what they believed the benefits of sex were beyond strengthening a relationship, the top two answers that came out on top were⁠—‘puts me in a good mood ‘ (49 per cent), closely followed by ‘helps me with stress and tension ‘(43 per cent).

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In fact, three-quarters of participants agreed that a healthy sex life can reduce stress and 71 per cent admit sex has helped them feel better mentally. And if that wasn’t reason enough to get jiggy with it, here’s a few more fun stats… 
Of those surveyed, most rated ‘solo self care’ time just as satisfying for their mental healthwith 90 per cent admitting masturbation has a positive impact on their lifehelping everything from boosting their mood, helping them sleep better and bringing all the good vibes. 
But despite all the admissions that sacred self-care sex rituals brings us bliss, it turns out we’re still not making enough time to fit it into our schedule.

While two-thirds of participants admit to being sexually satisfied⁠—Australians were found to be the least satisfied, with only around half of us meeting our mood boosting needs… at 54 per cent satisfied meanwhile 63 per cent of Brits are said to be satisfied and 60 per cent of Americans. 
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So what appears to be the barriers to indulging in a little lovemaking on the regular? 
Take a guess… yep, tiredness is the number one mood killer to ‘sexytime,’ followed closely by children, body confidence, lack of privacy (which make sense) and wait for it.. .work stress. Ironic when ’stress relief’ is also our favourite reason for partaking in a romp, no?
What can we learn from this? With two thirds admitting sex plays an important role in our overall happiness, it seems time to let actions speak louder than words and re-evaluate what a true ‘Self-care Sunday’ could look like… after all who says yoga and a bath can’t still be on the agenda… 

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