Why London’s KXU Gives New Meaning to ‘Living at the Gym’

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With a Pinterest-worthy fitout, trendy cafe and some pretty epic parties, London’s new KXU offers more than a workout but a complete lifestyle experience.
And unlike its high-end and exclusive sister club KX in Marylebone, anyone can drop in at any time.
Here are five reasons why you won’t ever want to leave Chelsea’s newest studio!


You won’t need to waste your time hunting down cult classes at different studios around London – KXU has cleverly replicated the best of London’s fitness offerings and has nabbed some insta-famous instructors to lead them.
Offering a tight yet comprehensive class schedule – from TRX and circuit training to treadmill/floor workouts and boxing/nightclub fight sessions, Australian fitness icon Paolo has also taken up residence here offering her Paola’s Body Barre Signature Class.


It turns out that the types who like high intensity training also thrive off smashing out some work pre and post workout (funny that). And why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the post training endorphin high to get shizz done?
Enter KXU and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve walked into to the latest WeWork space, with industrial style tables filled with A-type entrepreneurs on their Macs. Only designer activewear and supplement-filled shakes hint that you may be somewhere other than the latest collaborative workspace.


It’s easy to use an epic workout to justify checking out one of the latest additions to London’s restaurant scene… but whether or not you ever get there is another thing. KXU’s in-studio cafe is simply just too good. It’s almost impossible to make it past the display of nutrient dense, probiotic topped, macro-balanced meals that rival the likes of Mae Deli (Deliciously Ella) and Hemsley and Hemsley.


This studio has some seriously slick design features including a spin room with a disco ball making it the perfect party venue. In a new era for corporate Christmas parties, KXU was the venue for thrash-yourself-before-you-trash-yourself style celebrations – private high intensity classes followed by a private party at the studio.
As for KXU’s own parties? If you’re lucky enough to get invited you’re more likely to be partying with headline DJs and A-Listers than just gym-regulars in activewear sipping Skinny Prosecco.


After a big night, brutal workout or to get a head start on implementing your ‘self care’ New Year’s Resolution, KXU becomes your sanctuary. For some of us, it’s enough of a mini-spa experience just to hang in the subway tiled, copper piping bathroom playing with luxury products and the latest hairdryers.
But there’s so much more if you want it. Beauty treatments performed in luxe treatment rooms, as well as the latest performance-enhancing therapies to boost your training game including detoxing infrared saunas and muscle recovery cryotherapy. And for the side of ageing that even fitness, clean eating and biohacking can’t fix, KXU also offers full aesthetic services.
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