Check out London's new eatery by Deliciously Ella

As far as health and fitness go, there’s no denying the fact that England is often bringing up the rear behind America and Australia – after all, we’d want to hang on to our Yorkshire puddings and potpies too.
But one British health blogger that’s ahead of the pack, giving up her Shepherds pies (and all meat for that matter), is Ella Woodward, better known as Deliciously Ella.
She’s the food blogging phenomenon who made history as having the fastest selling debut cookbook since records began. She’s 23 and now she’s opened her own deli in Marylebone, London.
Behind a blue front door (not Hugh Grant this time ladies) sits the cozy, humble confines of the Mae Deli. With pale wooden floorboards, a blue and green mosaic counter, and a lonesome armchair for solitude, the space is as unpretentious and inviting as the menu.
The food is based on the Deliciously Ella philosophy: nourishing, natural food made delicious, and with Ella being known for her vegan diet, it’s no surprise that vegetables are the heroes come lunch and dinner. Nevertheless, meat is on the menu as an optional add-on… perhaps to satisfy the other half of the Mae Deli, her fiancé, Matthew Mills.

“Our concept is all about mix and match rainbow bowls of goodness – think bowls of miso and sesame glazed aubergine, maple roasted sweet potatoes, wild rice and apricot salads, pesto butter beans, turmeric roasted cauliflower with lentils and tahini, butter bean dips and much more! You can then add on various types of salmon or chicken with marinades like lemon, chilli and thyme or smoked paprika and maple, which I’m hoping will get lots more people eating veggies for lunch!” says Ella.

The Mae Deli is open early until late seven days a week and breakfast operates on a similar mix and match basis where customers can choose from homemade granola, porridge, chia pudding, bircher muesli and acai bowl with coyo, or simply opt for smashed avo on rye (always), a deep greens juice or berry brekky smoothie.
It wouldn’t be complete without Deliciously Ella’s signature healthy treats. Piled high on the counter you’ll find mint matcha and coconut truffles, brownies, bliss balls, mango flapjacks and more, all of which are hard to say no to.
Pop in for a bowl of goodness or select from their delivery menu using the Quiqup app and have it come to you. Either way, it’ll be 100% Ella and 100% delicious.

The Mae Deli

Address: 21 Seymour Place, W1H 5BH. UK


Deliciously Ella, The Mae Deli
Deliciously Ella. The Mae Deli
Deliciously Ella, The Mae Deli,
Deliciously Ella, The Mae Deli

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