We chat with Rocky Barnes X THE UPSIDE

Melding contrasting influences of 60’s British racing and the elegant French ski scene of the 70’s, THE UPSIDE’s new AW16 collection, Après McQueen, stays true to the brand’s luxurious, fashion-forward roots. Think: stylish prints in versatile colour ways, highly technical fabrications, flattering silhouettes and updated classic styles with a vibrant new perspective. In short, active wear you’ll actually want to wear from studio to the street.
The Après McQueen campaign stars Amodrn’s very own girl crush, fitness model (and martial arts black belt holder!) Rocky Barnes alongside Dutch beauty, Fabienne Hagedorn on the beautiful shores of Santa Monica beach in L.A. Shot by Australian photography guru Simon Upton last December, the campaign images perfectly capture the brand’s sporty-chic aesthetic.
To celebrate the launch of this new collection, we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the aformentioned campaign as well as chat with Rocky herself.

Meet IG star and fitness model Rocky Barnes

What is the upside to Rocky Barnes?

I have been so fortunate in my career, I’ve had a ton of doors opened for me and so many amazing opportunities to travel all over the world and explore. I’ve met so many beautiful, talented people too.

You have a strong presence on social, what role has it played in your life?

Social media has been this amazing platform that I just fell into. I honestly don’t know how it happened, but it’s been the best thing. People are so mixed in their opinions on social media, many see the negative side of it, which I understand, but for me it has been nothing but positive. Everywhere I go people are giving me advice on cool places to check out, what I should be doing and amazing restaurants or stores I should see, which I would have never known about otherwise. It’s also fun to have people follow me on my adventures, and it is exciting for me because it’s all still so new in terms of the growth and the journey it has taken me on.


You’re known for keeping healthy, how important is it to you?

Being a model, being fit and healthy is absolutely essential, especially as I do so much swim, lifestyle and athleisure work. I am also lucky enough that the clients I work with really fit with who I am as a person. Having to travel all the time, work long days and be out in the elements so much you have to be in good shape, otherwise you get run down and sick – and you’ve got to be able to keep up on all the adventures!

What sports in particular are you into?

Martial arts. I am a black belt! I used to watch my brother do it and got really jealous, so made my Mum sign me up. We both did it for about eight years and it was super fun – I feel very safe! I think if I got in trouble I could defend myself well enough to at least run away! I also love yoga, I’ve been doing it for about 15 years now. I think stretching is one of the most important parts of fitness as no matter what you do, staying flexible is what really keeps you from getting injured. I believe it is a huge part of any fitness routine. Yoga has also been my way of centring myself and managing any hardships I’ve ever gone through in my life. It has always been something I have turned to, even if I haven’t been able to do it all the time. If I am dealing with anything difficult, it is my way to get back on track. I find it meditative; it’s therapeutic and something I plan on always having in my life.
Rocky Barnes, Tae Kwon Do, The Upside

You shot the AW16 Après McQueen collection for THE UPSIDE, what was that like?

I’m super excited, I got to try on all the looks and they’re amazing. I love the paisley bohemian, which is very me and the bra tops are killer! They are something I want to wear everyday under my tanks and get that little ‘pop’ on the side. I love the cut of the legs too, they’re perfect. High enough for a spin class but low enough to be cute and sexy during yoga class. Functional and fashionable, always a bonus! I’m obsessed, I think I need one of everything.

The AW16 Après McQueen collection for THE UPSIDE

Talent Rocky Barnes and Fabienne Hagedorn | Photographer Simon Upton | location Santa Monica

ocky Barnes, The Upside, sports luxe
ocky Barnes, The Upside, sports luxe
ocky Barnes, The Upside, sports luxe
Rocky Barnes, The Upside, sports luxe

 INSIDER TIP: Keen an eye out for THE UPSIDE Man in February

Head to www.theupsidesport.com to shop from THE UPSIDE range online or to find your nearest stockist.

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