High Mood Food: The London Café Prioritising Your Gut Health

Here at Amodrn, we find gut health a fascinating topic. And with more and more research being done in this area, it’s starting to become even more interesting than ever. 
Science is re-discovering what many previous generations have intuitively known: that the health of your gut’s ecosystem is directly linked to everything from your risk of disease, to mood (most serotonin is produced in your gut) and your daily struggle with the muffin top.
Scientific discoveries aside, given you’re only 10% human and 90% microbes, it’s common sense to feed them so they thrive. But in saying this, it’s easier said than done to add both pre and probiotic foods to every meal at home — and even harder when you’re on the go and grabbing lunch on the run. 
Enter: High Mood Food, London’s newest addition to the healthy eats scene.
Not only are they making your gut health a priority, they’re also making it that much easier to do so with their grab ‘n’ go cafe in Marylebone.
Each of their nutrient-dense meals is made from seasonal, organic (where possible) fermented food and in the fridge you’ll find things like sparkling kombucha and kefir to take your gut-loving meal to the next level. 

High Mood Food London
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But don’t be mistaken, this is not just a ‘one meal wonder’ or ‘single lunchtime affair.’ High Mood Food is the place to learn more about all the different live cultures that are found in your food and, dare we say, the difference between pre and probiotic foods in one of their regular workshops. (Spoiler alert: probiotics are the live bacteria you ingest and prebiotics are the indigestible fibres that feed your existing resident microbes — more about this another time).
As much as it’s impressive — it’s not complicated:
“It’s often just a matter of eating more efficiently and swapping out your average hot sauce for a fermented one, having homemade kefir with berries for dessert or a sparkling kombucha instead of a champagne. Fermented, cultured food adds more complexity to flavour,” says co-founder Joey O’Hare.
Joey fell for ferments from the unexpected background of Cordon Bleustyle cooking as she sought structure and complexity for plant-based dishes. 
If you can’t make a visit into this slick destination deli (low-hanging copper lights and sleek design are an added bonus) for a meal or a workshop, here are a few things to help get you up to speed on gut-loving foods:

Don’t be intimidated by fancy names

Kimchi to Kraut are essentially just pickled veggies. Learn a few of the basics and try and incorporate them into as many meals as possible. 

Not all bacteria is bad

Beneficial bacterial strains (otherwise known as starters) are added in the beginning of the kefir and yoghurt making processes. These are GOOD for you!

Understand the benefits

Look after your microbiome and your microbiome will look after you — beneficial bacteria synthesise hormones, vitamins (particularly the Bs and K) and crowds out pathogenic and opportunistic strains (uber important when you’re taking antibiotics).
Intrigued? The research just keeps on coming showing the impact the gut has on the brain — everything from Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, ADHD and mediating systemic inflammation which is becoming accepted as relevant to nearly every disease process.
And not to mention, with most of your serotonin made in your gut, being gut-savvy may boost your mood and may make you a nicer person!
Visit www.highmoodfood.com to learn more.

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