Evenflow Is The New App That Can Improve Your Mindfulness

When New Year’s rolls around, we all get extra ambitious with our resolutions. But four or six weeks later, it’s not too uncommon to see the resolutions, well, just fall apart. That’s where Evenflow’s new mindfulness program comes in—it will change the way you approach your goals.
Instead, setting an intention for your goals could just be your solution to a long-standing resolution.
Evenflow, which has combined meditation and psychological insights in their mindfulness app, is launching two new programs: a Mindful Eating and a Mindful Body Series that are making self-care, confidence, health, and empowerment the priorities.
Therapists and mentors lead the mindfulness practices and will take you on a serious journey of #SelfLove to show you what it means to truly love yourself.

Evenflow meditation app
Image via Evenflow

Mindful Eating Series:

“Unpack what drives you to eat and the difference between physical hunger and other complex reasons that compel us to eat such as emotions, stress and social influence,” the company announced. “Mindful eating can give you the self-trust, confidence, and empowerment to live a life that feels better and in balance.”
Science has already proven that mindfulness can help you eat less and enjoy more, and using tactics whenever a craving strikes can help you feel more powerful with your eating habits.
And with these new practices, you can quickly see how eating turns into a self-love ritual.

Mindful Body Series:

“Body shaming is so 2010,” Evenflow says. “In this series, you’ll explore how you can respond to your inner critic with more compassionate self-talk and how radical acceptance and gratitude can improve your perception of your figure.”
Remember: this is the only body you have. Treat it well. Through nutrition, fitness, and self-love, treat your body with care and it will reward you with many years.
And getting a bit more meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine could just be the difference between bailing on a resolution one month into the new year, and making it a permanent lifestyle change. You’ve got this, we believe it!
Visit https://www.evenflow.io/ for more info. 

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