The 9 Most Indulgent Vegan Hotspots in Sydney

best vegan food sydney
Image: Dan Gold via Unsplash

Eating vegan doesn’t always mean green smoothies and salad sandwiches (although they have their place), and the Sydney vegan restaurant cultures has expanded significantly over the past few years to accommodate all your cravings.
Seasoned vegans or plant-based newbies (perhaps you’re testing the waters with Veganuary this month) can rejoice, as we’ve pinned down our top 9 favourite vegan locations to chow down and get your fix of quality food where no one is missing the animal products.

Bodhi Restaurant – 2/4 College Street, Sydney

A gem of a restaurant serving up vegan yum cha from 11am where you can dine in the shade of the fig trees if you prefer. Try the barbecue pork buns, the Peking duck pancakes and definitely finish with their puffy passion fruit donuts.

2. Gigi’s Pizzeria – 379 King Street, Newtown

A traditional pizzeria turned completely vegan must-try, you’ll find Gigi’s with a line out the door any day of the week. All pizzas have an authentically thin crust, so try the Patate or the Funghi e Radicchio and finish with a serve of their tiramisu.

3. Soul Burger – 111 Glebe Point Road, Glebe

If you’re hankering for a burger fix, look no further. Choose from the best fish burger or layer it up with bacon and a beef patty, and don’t forget to try the kumera fries!

4. Mother Chu’s – 367 Pitt Street, Sydney

A modest exterior houses this extensive menu including stir fries, noodle soups, steamed buns, and tofu & tempeh dishes – an ideal location for a quick lunch or dinner.

5. Lord of The Fries – 537 George Street, Sydney

There are no salads here, it’s straight burgers, hotdogs, fries and shakes with some fun menu options like chicken parma and poutine burgers.

vegan taekaway food
Image: Stephanie McCabe via Unsplash

6. Golden Lotus – 341/343 King Street, Newtown

Serving up a bountiful menu of vegan Vietnamese, you can find all your favourites here (like a generous vermicelli noodle salad with faux pork spring rolls). If you dine earlier in the evening, you might just make it in time to get a serve of their deep fried ice cream before they sell out.

7. MAKER – 552 Parramatta Road, Petersham

The team at MAKER has gone above and beyond to create a superb menu of toasties, rolls, pastries and pancakes. Try their bacon and egg roll with an iced chai and make sure to save room for something in their pastry cabinet to take with you.

8. Bliss & Chips – 215 King Street, Newtown

Bacon and egg toasties, duck sandwiches, hash browns, deep fried vegan chocolate bars and plenty of vegan seafood have all found their way onto this menu – there’s really something for everyone here, and check out their selection of other vegan goodies to go.

9. Gathered Kitchen – 90 Glebe Point Road, Glebe

The ideal breakfast, brunch or lunch location, Gathered Kitchen will satisfy your sweet tooth with their incredible homemade chocolate and almond croissants, cruffins, pancakes and waffles, balanced out with a truly impressive avocado smash.

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