B The Change: Why Going B Is The New Green

B Corps are using business as a force for good.

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In today’s oversaturated market it takes something truly special to stand out. Conscious capitalism is on the rise, and we couldn’t be happier! As consumers continue to take a stand and vote with their dollars, we’re seeing more and more fresh, sustainable and healthy options available.
Operating with an environmentally friendly and greener footprint is a great first step, though consumers are now increasingly demanding more responsibility from the brands they support – seeking out companies that are fostering a healthy community and giving back more to the planet than they are taking out. You know, the ones that are just doing it right. Welcome to the era of Certified B Corporations.

B Corps are a new(ish) type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. These brands are the leaders of a global movement of people using business as a force for good. They meet the highest standards of “overall social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability”, and consistently contribute towards the greater good and a healthier tomorrow.
According to the official B Corp website, “B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.” There are more than 2,000 Certified B Corporations in over 130 industries and 50 countries with 1 unifying goal – to redefine success in business.

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Because many companies may claim a “give-back” component but not actually deliver, this certification provides peace of mind to consumers. Obtaining B Corp certification is a rigorous process, one that exposes a company’s real level of dedication to their supposed mission and values. Brands must ensure that every facet of the business is operating at its highest level and prove that they are using their company as a force for good.
That said, becoming a B Corp is about more than environmentalism alone. It also evaluates the way companies are structured, and how they engage with their employees, vendors, and patrons. Employee wellness benefits are one such factor, like providing stipends for alternative medicine or ClassPass. And as a consumer, that feels good to support!
On board? Take a peek at the current list of Certified B Corps, and see how you can help support global change with your purchase decisions.

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