Why Exercising Should Be The First Thing You Do After A Long-Haul Flight

LOL. Hear us out.

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ICYMI—Last week, Tori Clapham, founder of Peaches Pilates and Cassey Maynard, head BUF Girls Trainer shared with us their top tips on how you can stay fit and healthy on your Euro summer holiday (without depriving yourself of that gelato, of course).
In their second instalment of TIDC (Travel Indulgence Damage Control), they’re here to help ensure you feel as good as you can the second you land in your new destination and step off that plane.
Spoiler alert: It involves exercise. But seriously, what did you think you’d get when seeking advice from two trainers?
Here are 5 ways working out after a long-haul flight can help combat jet lag, according to Tori and Cassey:

You’ll get some sun

Getting sun in your eyes has been proven to reset your circadian rhythm, boost your mood and help you WAKE UP. So get out of that hotel room into the sunshine, and move that booty by going for a power walk around the new surroundings. Not only will this be good for you, but you’ll get your bearings from the get-go!

You’ll wear yourself out

Ever go to bed feeling wide awake? Us too—and it’s almost always after a day of doing, well, not much at all. If you really want to get on top of your jet lag, your best bet is to cease the day as you usually would and go to bed at a decent time. Why not hire a bicycle to get yourself to lunch?

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You’ll benefit from your routine

By persisting with your exercise habits, you’ll be helping your body to adjust to the new time zone. Science has proven that by sneaking in a workout during your usual sweat time, your muscles and peripheral tissues will find it easier to synchronize with the clock.

You’ll shake it off

Being jet lagged can leave you feeling like you’ve been hit by a train. By getting your blood circulating after sitting in a cramped airline chair for an ungodly number of hours, you’ll help to shift those toxins and soothe aching muscles feeling ready to take on any adventure.

You won’t waste any precious ‘gelato eating’ time

Getting the benefits from exercise doesn’t need to take long, peeps! In fact, short and sharp workouts have been proven to deliver results just as beneficial as slogging out a long distance run (GROSS—unless that’s your jam). Try a 30 minute total body toning pilates class in your hotel room or a 15 minute HIIT blast from your balcony. Alternatively, a good stretch session and walk around the city can do wanders, too!

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