5 Handy Travel Kits You Need For Your Next Getaway

They help make packing simple!

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As much as we’re obsessed with travel, there’s one part we’re not quite so keen on—packing. “How many black t-shirts should I bring?” “Would it be too extra to bring all three eyeshadow palettes?” “How am I meant to bring my 11-step skincare regime on the road with me?”
These are just a few of the (admittedly very first world) problems we come up against when getting organised for a getaway. Thankfully, there’s a genius invention that simplifies the packing process tenfold—travel kits!
From a makeup capsule the size of a smartphone to an exercise pack that allows you to stay fit on the go, here are 5 of our favourite travel kits.

The fitness pack

Let’s face it, keeping up your fitness routine when you travel is no easy feat. But by having a few portable essentials on hand, it’s more than doable. Unit Nine’s handy new Sweat Pack comes with everything you need to smash out a workout from your hotel room or Airbnb. It includes a set of 3 mini bands for 3 levels of resistance, a skipping rope, sliders, a sweat towel and 3 workouts to follow created by Strength Coach and PT, Sarah Boulazeris— all packed up into a cute neoprene bag!
Shop the Unit Nine Sweat Pack.

The makeup pack

We all want to look hot when we travel—but who wants to carry around 5 kilos of cosmetics? This genius makeup capsule from Aussie start-up PressPlay Cosmetics is the answer to our dilemma. Around the same size as your smartphone,  the sleek capsule stores up to 7 high-quality products from the Pressplay range and a compact mirror. It’s also perfect for popping in your handbag when you’re out and about!
Shop the Pressplay Cosmetic Capsule.

The self-care pack

Your self-care routine shouldn’t stop just because you’re abroad. In fact, between stressful airports, jetlag and trying to fit in all the sightseeing, it perhaps becomes even more important. This kit from Pinch Provisions contains everything you need to treat yo’self while you’re on your vacay—including a face mask, aromatherapy oil and hilariously, bubble wrap.
Shop the Pinch Provisions self-care pack.

The skincare pack

There’s no shortage of skincare travel packs on the market. But when you’re contending with the insanely dry plane humidity, you need to call in the big guns. The Obagi-CRx System Kit allows you to keep your skincare routine simple (yet effective) while you travel, with their packs containing 4 powerful products to address your specific skin concerns.
Shop the Obagi-CRx  System Kit.

The comfort pack

There’s nothing worse than being cold or uncomfortable on your flight—but those airline blankets and socks are questionable at best. The Aria travel pack is the perfect way to add some luxury to your in-flight experience. From fluffy microfibre socks to high-quality earphones and a biodegradable toothbrush, it comes with the highest quality essentials for a comfy flight.
Shop the Aria travel pack.

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