5 Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy On Your Euro Summer Vacay (And Still Enjoy That Gelato)

According to trainers, Tori Clapham and Cassey Maynard.


Hands up if you’re lucky enough to be heading to Europe this Aussie winter? Now, hands up if you’re also secretly worried about undoing all your hard work when it comes to exercising and eating healthy the second you get off that plane?
Whilst that’s totally normal, it certainly doesn’t have to be the case. Holidays are for enjoying yourself and letting go—and definitely not about depriving yourself.
Here, Tori Clapham, founder of Peaches Pilates and Cassey Maynard, head BUF Girls Trainer, together have come up with a fail-proof guide dubbed TIDC (Travel Indulgence Damage Control) so you can not only embrace every second of your getaway in a positive manner, but also try and maintain some sort of health and fitness routine on your travels so your booty is as peachy as you left it.

Image: Cassey Maynard & Tori Clapham

Although both active members of the health and fitness community, Tori and Cassey also live strictly by the ideology that life is short, AKA, there is no time to be hating on yourself or not letting yourself enjoy the very best of what life has to offer—and sometimes, the best of what life has to offer really is that decadent creme brulee or Aperol Spritz.

“Basically, we want to make it clear that the last thing we’re going to advise you to do is go to Italy and eat a f*cking salad,” they share. “In fact, we unreservedly URGE you to eat the pizza and drink the wine. Our job is to give you some hints of what to do before (or after) you’ve had your little food fest!”
Follow their top five Trip Fit rules for the best Euro summer, ever:

1. Move your body

Ok, so this one isn’t breaking any records for originality. But it’s one of the most important rules: Just. Move. Make the most of the location you’re visiting and see the sights by foot or bike. Continue your morning routine by starting the day with a workout then heading off for a long boozy lunch. Why not try an at-home, online program and smash out a 30 minute Pilates class or 15 minute HIIT sesh as soon as you wake up to kickstart the day. Whatever it is, just try and move that little toosh of yours—daily.
exercise routine
Image: iStock

2. Reconsider your breakfast options

Intermittent fasting has been shown to reduce body fat as your body shifts from burning glucose to burning fatty acids and their byproducts while in a fasted state. There are loads more health benefits and at a very simple level it’s an easy way to keep your total calorie toll down each day. If this is more your style, skip brekkie and go straight to that margherita pizza and red wine for lunch. If you’re someone who can’t function without brekkie, ditch the sweets at the hotel breakfast buffet and go for healthy options like a fruit-free muesli and good quality, natural yoghurt instead.

3. Supplement

Taking a good quality greens powder away with you is an easy way to keep up your nutrient intake for those days when it’s hard to come by a veggie. We also like to pack activated charcoal whenever we travel—not only does this come in handy if you get struck by a tummy bug, but it’s one hell of a life-saver when it comes to hangovers… patron shots, anyone? Another important one is probiotics—grab yourself a long life probiotic that doesn’t need refrigeration and take one daily to keep your friendly gut bugs happy. Travel can often upset your internal flora, and probiotics can be a great way to combat bloating—so you can rock that (ridiculously high-priced) bikini with pride.
Image: Instagram.com/welleco

4. Bribe yo’ self

The old ‘carrot on a string trick’ works every time. Set up some trades for yourself to earn those tasty treats. It sounds silly, but if you set a goal of 100 squats before lunch time (10 upon waking, 10 after you brush your teeth, 10 in the shower, 10 after you get dressed, etc.) you can easily keep your movement up and enjoy your restaurant ventures even more. Perhaps you skip dessert tonight, because you’re hitting a patisserie tomorrow famed for custard tarts. It might be a case of having to walk to that iconic cafe, rather than jumping in a taxi. Or maybe you set yourself the task of jumping into the hotel gym or lap pool to start your day—then it’s mimosa time. Whatever it takes to negotiate your way to that chocolate eclair!

5. Add, don’t subtract

Instead of not allowing yourself a special meal, simply add to it. Most restaurants have some kind of veg on offer, so ask for a side of whatever’s going and throw it into the mix. We love adding sautéed greens to curries, throwing broccoli into pasta or topping pizza with nutrient-rich dark greens like roquet. Find a way to sneak your veg in daily—you’ll be fuller faster, and feel much more spritely after meal times.
Stay tuned for our next Trip Fit instalment. Until then, eat that penne ragu!

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