Kayla Itsines' Top Tips On Creating (And Maintaining) Healthy Habits

Just in time for winter!

kayla itsines
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Kayla Itsines makes dragging yourself out of bed and to the gym at the crack of dawn look easy, but for the rest of us, the struggle is very real. We hit snooze more times than anticipated, then just lay there feeling guilty for not getting up early enough to fit in a sweat sesh before work (no, just me?).
The intention may very well be there, but to actually find the motivation to get up and get moving is a different story all together. Not to mention the fact that as it gets colder, it gets harder and harder.
Given that winter is fast approaching, we turn to our go-to girl and fitness queen herself for an instant hit of inspo. Here, Kayla shares how she manages to stay on top of her health and fitness goals and how you can too.
Her secret? Funnily enough, it actually involves taking some time out.
Pretty sure we can get on board with that…

You have an entire book which focuses on cultivating healthy habits. Why do you think this is so important both in fitness and everyday life?

My goal has always been to help women achieve their ideal body, to feel confident and happy, and setting healthy habits is a major step towards achieving this. Having a long-term approach when settings habits is integral to making the changes you want to see with both your fitness and everyday life. The discipline of healthy habits will help you during the times when you motivation wavers and will keep you on track.

kayla itsines
Image from Instagram user @kayla_itsines

What are some healthy habits that you personally incorporate into your every day?

I have a strict bedtime routine so that I make sure I get enough sleep. I’m an early bird and usually wake up around 5:30 am, so to make sure I get enough sleep I use the bedtime function in my iPhone. It lets me know what time I need to go to sleep to ensure I get a solid eight hours rest. I also make sure that I get some exercise in everyday. Whether it’s a gentle 30 minute walk to help me overcome jet lag from travel, or a 28 minute workout from my BBG Program in the Sweat app, I will always make sure that I get my blood flowing.

What advice do you have for those who may have found themselves in a rut and lacking the motivation to workout or get back into a fitness routine?

Firstly, be kind to yourself! We all have times when we feel unmotivated and get a little off track, but there are some simple ways to help you get back into your routine. Remembering why you started is important. For example, one of my clients started walking everyday so that they had more energy to play with their kids when they picked them up from school. Looking back at why you started on your journey in the first place, and why it’s important to you, will motivate you to keep going.
Removing any distractions will also help you to get back on track. If you have found that your attention has been taken away from your workout routine by work deadlines or by your favourite TV show, take the necessary steps needed to remove these distractions. Shut off your laptop, put down your phone, turn off your TV, do whatever you need to do to get you back on track to achieving your goals.

What are some small changes women came make everyday to help improve their health and fitness overall?

Stay hydrated. When you are drinking enough fluids it makes you feel energised and great from the inside out. If you find water a little boring, try alternatives like tea or aminos, or eating water-rich foods like cucumber and watermelon. Create a workout schedule, so that you have no excuses for not getting in your weekly workouts. It’s easy to think that ‘you’ll get to it’, but actually entering time in your diary is one way to make sure you don’t run out of time.

If you had to list your top 3 healthy habit tips, what would they be and why?

1. Eat breakfast, every day
It really is the most important meal of the day. Not only does it break your overnight fast, it kick starts your metabolism, boosts your concentration and gives your body the energy it needs to get through the initial part of the day.
2. Schedule in enough rest between your workouts
One of the fastest ways to get an injury and then slow down your progress is to overtrain. Allocate rest and recovery time in your diary, to allow your body enough time repair itself.
3. Make sure you get enough sleep
This will help you to manage your stress levels, and be able to perform at your peak.

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