Your Pimple Breakouts are Closely Linked to Your Internal Organs

The forehead is said to be linked to the nervous and digestive systems

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Your breakouts are closely linked to your internal organs. Unless you’ve been living under a skincare rock, you’ll likely have heard of face mapping. Based on Ayurvedic tradition, this ancient skin analysis tool could be the answer to banishing your breakouts once and for all.

Face mapping uses specific areas of your face to highlight different issues that might be causing the problem in the first place; making it a whole heap easier to decipher where the heck your pimples are coming from. The idea is that each section of the face represents an organ or system of organs within the body, and any complexion complaints are said to suggest an internal issue in the corresponding area.

Although adult acne can be a complicated issue to get to the bottom of, here are the face mapping basics (and how to try and prevent breakouts in the first place):


The forehead is said to be linked to the nervous and digestive systems, meaning that stress and processed, inflammatory foods are likely to blame for your breakout. Simply clean up your diet, pare your sweat-sessions back from HIIT to a yoga flow and try meditating to reveal the smooth, clear forehead you’re wishing for.


Cheek pimples can be signs of poor lung function and a slow metabolism or poor nutrient absorption (particularly iron). If you’re a smoker, cut it out (but let’s face it, you know that already) and try focusing on incorporating a load of vitamins and minerals into your diet. Eating the rainbow is exactly what the face-mapping gods ordered!


In Ayurveda, the nose is governed by the Pitta dosha, which represents fire. Unsurprisingly, breakouts here represent inflammation and are closely linked to the circulatory system; which can suggest an issue with blood flow or blood pressure. Avoid inflammatory foods like alcohol, spices, and an excess of caffeine, whilst upping your healthy fats (like avocado, coconut oil, and nuts) to give your body a much-needed dose of essential fatty acids.

Chin and jawline

Hate to break it to you, but pimples along the jawline are a classic sign of hormonal imbalance and stress, which we know are closely linked. Notice that you break out there around your menstrual cycle? That’s because those pesky hormones are running rampant doing their usual, time-of-the-month fluctuating.

If you’re suffering from cystic acne along the jawline, it could be well worth getting your hormone levels properly tested as it’s a common symptom among sufferers of PCOS. Lifestyle changes like reducing stress and eating a hormone-balancing diet should begin to alleviate breakouts in this area.

Lower sides of face, ears, and jawline

Interestingly, it ain’t just hormones that can cause the skin at your jawline to go haywire. A sluggish lymphatic system is often to blame for breakouts along the jaw, the lower sides of the face, and around the ears.

The lymphatic system is responsible for the removal of toxins from the body, and a slow one can mean that bacteria and free radicals build up within the body, resulting in acne. Incorporating a lymphatic drainage massage on your face, dry brushing, or jumping up and down on a trampoline (yes, a trampoline!) can work wonders for getting stubborn lymph flowing around your body.

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