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Here’s Why You Should Bring a Crystal to Your Next Date

It could determine the outcome of the evening.

When you’re going out on a date with a new person, sometimes, the nerves settle in. How will it go? Where will it end? Are they interested? Will they enjoy themselves? One way to make yourself feel about the evening being comfortable is to bring a crystal with you. Hear us out! Crystals are conductors and amplifiers that transform the energy around you and maybe even the people that surround your everyday life. If nerves are getting in the way of you setting the vibe for the evening, bringing a crystal may make you feel the way you want to (sexual, at peace, adventurous, etc.) We did some more research on what exactly crystals do and which ones you can try out to give you the night that you want. Keep reading for more!

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What a Crystal Can Do for You On a Date

We could all use some cosmic intervention every once in a while. Bringing crystals with you on a date can increase the kind of energy you’re looking for when it comes to spending time with your partner or someone new. According to Cosmopolitan, the size of the said crystal is irrelevant, because whatever form your crystal takes, it will still possess the same vibration. Now, the kind of vibe you want to set depends entirely on what crystal you choose. To prep, you’ll want to cleanse it. You can rinse it under running water, put it next to quartz for an hour, or blow on the crystal with a cleansing intention.

Then, it’s time to charge your crystal. For this, you need to hold your crystals as you inhale, through your nose, while imagining a beautiful folden light filling your lungs. Repeat this a few times, and then visualize that energy filling up the crystals. If you want a supercharge, leave your crystal in the sunlight for an hour after doing this.

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Where to Use a Crystal for the Vibe You Want

To give your date the energy that you want, there are several things that you can do. You can bathe with it to give yourself a dreamscape to manifest the date that you want. Water is great energy to maximize what your crystal can do and if you’ve already charged it, a bath can surround and protect that energy. If you’re not keen to take a bath, you can also just mediate with it. Sit down in a quiet space and again, visualize what you want. As for taking the crystal with you, there are many places you can put it. Your bra, your pocket, your jewelry, or even your purse.

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