4 Ways To Include Ayurvedic Wisdom Into Your Day For Optimal Wellbeing

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Now more than ever, the world is cottoning onto the fact that in terms of health, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Hailed as a ‘life science’, the 3,000-year-old Indian practice of Ayurveda is rooted in the belief that the mind and body are inextricably linked.
Ayurvedic wisdom dictates that identifying your dosha and tailoring your diet and lifestyle to fit this will transform your wellbeing, whilst bring you into alignment with your truest self.
While it’s super helpful to know which dosha you are when diving deep into Ayurveda, there are some key lifestyle hacks that serve as the foundations of Ayurvedic practice that you can put into practice whether you’re pitta, vata or kapha.

Rise with the sun

You know it feels good when you do! And while the phrasing might have been a little more… delicate, when the ritual was being established, the sentiment remains. Ayurveda contends that living our lives in rhythm with the suns cycle will allow us to deepen our connection with nature which will in turn make us happier and healthier.
So the next time you’re tempted to snooze that sunrise alarm (aka, tomorrow), try your best to ease yourself out of bed and start the day; just like the savvy sages of India would have wanted you to.

Listen to your body

Because frankly, aforementioned sages would likely have a stage 10 meltdown if they knew how many of us push ourselves to conquer three exercise classes a week and a big fat heap of social engagements after work. Ayurveda encourages you to make choices that are inline with your body’s innate intelligence and rhythms.
So instead of hurling yourself full-throttle into a jam-packed week of gym, work, event, crash, repeat; try listening to the signals your body is sending you. If your body sends a signal of physical or emotional distress, consider a different choice. Your body always knows the answer, you just gotta ask it what it needs and it will tell you. It’s good like that.

Improve digestion

Ayurveda teaches that the way in which we metabolise the nutritional, emotional and sensory information we ingest, this is the source of our vitality. This principle is responsible for immunity, physical strength and clarity, so you’ll agree that it’s worth dedicating some time to. Tips to keeping your digestive fire burning include:

  • Always eat sitting down and in an atmosphere of emotional comfort
  • Eat mostly cooked foods
  • Drink hot water with ginger throughout the day
  • Practise moderate exercise regularly
  • Meditate daily

Oil massage daily

Okay this one we can really get on board with! Interpreted in Ayurveda as a sincere expression of self love, this practice (‘Abyanga’) is important for restoring the balance of your doshas and showing yourself daily kindness.
Jojoba oil is the go-to gal for all doshas (although other dosha-specific oils will be dreamy, too), and you’re supposed to massage your entire body. Which we can really, truly, doubly get on board with TBH, ‘cause if you haven’t massaged your ear lobes, you might just be missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures. After all, you gotta lobe yourself before other people can, right?
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