What type of Ayurvedic dosha are you?

According to Ayurvedic philosophies, we should align our lifestyle to our dosha body type in order to find balance from within.

Ultimately, we know what works for our bodies best, better then any one else.
There is however, a traditional and long-lived natural health care system that sets out to find balance from within, based on your body type. By body type, we mean the internal and external factors that make you, you.
Ayurveda in Sanskrit, literally means “science of life”, and has been used for thousands of years as a way to comprehend and work with our own individual bodies and minds. This ancient system of natural healing utilises the three mind-body types known as doshas. Said three doshas; Vita, Pitta, and Kapha, represent the energies within and can change throughout life. The philosophy stems from the five elements of fire, air, water, earth and space. Understanding these and adapting your lifestyle to them is said to create balance and harmony from within.
With this in mind, we spoke to Ayurvedic medicine expert and owner of Bondi Junction’s Ayurvedic Wellness Centre, Rita Sagrani, to get the how-to and why’s of Ayurvedic dosha. 

How and why would you benefit from taking a Ayurvedic dosha test?

A dosha test gives you an in-depth understanding of your body and mind. Balancing our body’s natural energies is the pathway to a healthy lifestyle. You can take a dosha test online or visit a clinic, but consulting an Ayurvedic Dr is important to get the correct assessment.

What are the three types of dosha and how do they affect the body?

Ayurvedic Dosha
Vata: The elements of vata are predominantly space and air. Individuals with this dosha are likely to be energetic and creative with a slender, agile body type. An imbalanced vata typically feels a bit anxious and moody. Insomnia and low immunity are also common symptoms.
Pitta: Pitta is dominated by the element of fire. You are likely to have a very confident and assertive personality, along with a medium height and weight. Pitta doshas are intense and competitive individuals who are prone to inflammation, skin rashes or indigestion.
Kapha: It’s all about being grounded with the earth element of Kapha. With an athletic, muscular build and a easy going personality, Kapha dominant individuals are prone to weight gain and have a tendency to be unmotivated or stubborn when their energies are imbalanced.

How do you adapt your lifestyle according to your Ayurvedic dosha?

Imbalances in the body can drain you of energy. By taking a simple dosha test and answering a few lifestyle and personality questions, your predominant dosha is established and you can then move on to tailoring your diet and treatment. Personality, eating habits, work environment and goals, skin type, and response to stress are some of the topics considered. Depending on your condition and body type, you get to choose the changes you make to your life, whether big or small, so theres no need for daily rituals or complicated routines.

Is this test accessible for everyone, from non-yogis to yogis?

Absolutely. Everyone in a living, breathing, human body can try a dosha test and see for themselves. As we are all unique, understanding your body type can have great benefits in the long term. No need to be flexible or spiritual. Ayurveda is a holistic health practice, based on ancient healing systems that have been around for many, many generations.

If you’re a sceptic, or curious about holistic techniques, why not give it the benefit of the doubt and experience it for yourself?

You can visit Ayurvedic Wellness Centre and take the test online to find out more.


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