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Five Wellness Tips a Top Trainer Swears By for a Healthy Life 

We interviewed Ben Lucas, founder of Flow Athletic, for more.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what makes them feel and look their best. There are a lot of ways to achieve wellness, however there are the top tips that we swear by to keep our lifestyle balanced and healthy. We look to top athletes and trainers to get this information for a well-balanced lifestyle. We interviewed the founder of Flow Athletic, Ben Lucas, about the five wellness tips that he swears by. Keep reading for more! 

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Image: Courtesy of Ben Lucas

Five Wellness Tips a Top Trainer Swears By for a Healthy Life

1) Water Intake

A simple yet effective tip would be drink more water! I often drink several litres of water per day to ensure my body stays hydrated and any toxins are being flushed out of my body naturally. Although it is easy to sometimes forget to drink enough water in a day, you can try adding some fresh fruit to help you add some flavour or even purchase yourself a bottle that can fill enough water to last you the whole day. For me with my 430am starts, water is so important as waking unnaturally early is a factor in dehydration.

2) Supplementing

I train hard, work hard and am a family man who has two children at home. Therefore, getting all of the nutrients that my body needs from my diet is not really possible as I am always on the go and I have limited time for recoveryFor me supplementing and boosting my micronutrient intake is very important to keep me operating at my best. Micronutrients are important in boosting your body’s energy production, immune function, hormones and more. When we train hard or work hard we need to replenish them. 

I swear by the range PILLAR Performance as it is one of the strongest over-the-counter products that I have come across, with a focus on joint health and function. As I am a runner that is important. I also take powdered magnesium every night to help my muscles recover and to help me sleep.

3) Classes

Although your classic gym visits are great for your health and wellness, I often like to incorporate a few studio classes here and there amongst my typical solo workouts. These include yoga, Pilates, spin, strength which all offer their own unique benefits and are a great way to relax your mind and body at the same time. I like to join classes for a sense of community and it is also nice to just go with the flow of the class and not have to come up with my own exercises to do.

4) Outdoors

Whilst your gym visits are essential for peak physical activity, I also like to make the most of my outdoor environments. This can easily be included into your lifestyle whether it be walking to work, going for a swim in the ocean after dinner or waking up and going for a run – making the most of the environment is an essential part of your wellness. I try to get out with the kids and my wife as much as possible too

5) Diet

Whilst not always the most exciting wellness tip, ensuring your diet remains balanced and healthy is always key in feeling your best. Although this does not mean cutting out sugar or carbs completely, it rather demonstrates enjoying a healthy diet whilst not punishing yourself for wanting sugars or sweets.

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