libra season
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Here’s How You Can Increase Compassion and Balance This Libra Season

This sign will kick your honesty into high gear.

Libra season is almost over as we near the sexy Scorpio season. The sign of Libra (September 23th – October 23rd) is an air sign represented by a celestial set of scales. Libras seek harmony and balance among their friends and in their lives. Libra Season is also considered the midpoint of the astrological wheel. On our trip around the Sun, we have reached the halfway mark. We can’t go back, so we must keep moving forward, heading towards a new and hopefully brighter, chapter of our lives. It’s a beautiful time to indulge in rituals and things that bring you beauty. After all, Libra is ruled by Venus.
We spoke to Kelsey Kennedy, modern mystic and founder of Blossom & Stone, amazing wellness and candle brand, about what rituals we should indulge in this Libra season to close out the month. Keep reading for more!
libra season
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Here’s How You Can Increase Compassion and Balance This Libra Season

Libra season brings new beginnings and sets forth in a new direction. It is a time when we may start thinking about where we have landed and what changes we may wish to make for the rest of 2021 and beyond. To get into the indulgence of this season, have a cozy night in with your BFF. Light all of the candles in your home and get into welcoming scents like amber, vanilla, and sandalwood.
If you are looking for more balance in relationships with others and yourself, try some moon-charged Rose Quartz crystals. Rose Quartz is known to have the power to soothe the hurt of loss, align desire with pure intent, and can even act as a force field that keeps good energy in and dark energy out. This will create equilibrium in all areas of your life.
We love to use Blossom & Stone’s Limited Edition Libra Signature Candle to get into the mood of these rituals. This marks the third astrological candle from the limited collection featuring Ametrine crystals embedded in hand-poured soy wax. Ametrine is a crystal that harnesses the powers of both amethyst and citrine together. This combination makes it a great tool for relieving tension and removing fear. Because of the spirituality of amethyst, it also supports spiritual fulfillment and meditation.
libra season
Image: Courtesy of Blossom & Stone

Why the Moon’s Energy Is Great for Unwinding

The products are all made with crystals laid in the light of the full or new moon every two weeks, allowing them to charge in their healing energy. Each moon is a little different in its healing powers, and therefore within each product. The energy of the moon is so magical and literally in line with the Earth. They are charged for an even more magical experience.

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