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Welcome to Amodrn, Your New Favorite Wellness Destination

All grown up and giving you the best cutting edge news, unparalleled inspiration, and motivational insight.

Our intentions for 2021 were to grow into ourselves, find a new voice, and make sure we keep delivering the best wellness content to you. This past year was full of twists and turns, most of which allowed us to clear our minds and find out what’s truly important. That is how AModrn was born. 2020 was a challenging year, our homes became our offices, our playgrounds for children, our travel escapes, and the epicentre of our lives. Driven by this new shift, Amodrn marks a burgeoning consumer interest in current content, as well as holistic and efficacious insights across home, health, lifestyle, beauty, fitness, and modern parenting. We want to see and read content that makes us feel warm, fuzzy, and safe.

We want tips that inspire and help us to build a better life. Something that makes us feel good in our home spaces, something that makes us yearn for travel and to dine with our friends again. We’ve seen a huge uptick in interior styling, home reconstructions, love and unity, and conscious health. More togetherness with our own families. We now know that life is so precious and that it can be taken away from us any day. From this, we will be bringing to you all those feels, all those conversations, and all that inspiration because 2021 is here. We’ve got this and we’ve got you. Our mantra is to work on ourselves, support our bodies, and be kind to those around us.

What does Amodrn Bring to the Table?

We are Amodrn, a new modern lifestyle destination dedicated to supporting your daily rituals via a contemporary and functional approach to your wellbeing. With a consistent rhythm of conversational content, Amodrn is also designed to round out your life with actionable tips and tricks that resonate and inform. We root ourselves in wellness and expert-driven content. Serving as a source of cutting edge news, unparalleled inspiration, and motivational insights, Amodrn also offers advice, tips, and practical steps to help you accomplish your goals, all whilst feeling incredible.

When Sporteluxe launched in 2012, wellness was niche and health looked like low-calorie microwave meals. Nearly a decade later, wellness has become an enviable lifestyle, permeating one’s diet, exercise routine, wardrobe, mental health, home, and more – we like to think Sporteluxe played a role in making that happen. Amodrn is Sporteluxe, all grown up. We’ve taken the best of their content, to create this new, exciting 2021 destination to help spur current conversations around all aspects of the latest in healthy living, and we couldn’t be more excited.

We hope that we can also help you with whatever you need, this year and beyond. The pandemic has brought us many challenges, lots of pain, and changes beyond our control. But it has also cleared our heads of what we don’t need, what it truly means to love ourselves and others, and how to nourish and take care of our bodies. We promise you that we’ll be there for all of your needs, wants, and burning questions. We promise to support you in this new decade and beyond. Stay tuned for more from your new favorite digital publication.

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