What COVID-19 Will Mean for Design Trends This 2021

We will be using our homes to host, play, eat, and do just about everything under the sun. What will this look like in 2021?

Design trends 2021
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In the world of design, trends change rapidly. They tend to look like the world around them. When the design universe began obsessing over plants and greenery, the world looked at how we could quickly combine the two for sustainability and happier life. The same goes for the world during a pandemic. What could we possibly do now that we were at home all the time? The answer is simple. More is actually more this year. We will be using our homes to host, play, eat, and do just about everything under the sun. What will this look like for the design world? We took a look at the design trends that will be taking over the world this year.

The Next Major Design Trends for 2021

1) A return to the old

Vintage furniture has been on the rise for years, but you might find yourself seeing more and more of a return to this older style. From mid-century modern to kitchy. This is because of time, and the time to redesign furniture. There’s an availability to revamp and repurpose furniture. There is an effort to try and do so. Sustainability might also have something to do with this as well. Why buy new when you have the time and capacity to make your old items look incredible?

2) The comfiest of comfy things

You might see ultra-deep, super comfy furniture on the rise in this coming year. We will, even if the pandemic returns us to some sense of normalcy this year, be spending a lot of time in our homes, whether for leisure or work. There is a need to make sure that we are in an environment that looks and feels like what our vacations might be like. Big beds, giant sofas, and extremely deep-seated chairs. Floor pillows, extra dining chairs, just about everything that you would need.

3) Natural colors, a step away from bright, bold colors

Color is a mood-booster and can make a room feel any type of way. What do we need when we’re spending all of our time at home? A calm environment, especially because of the events of last year and well, this one, unfortunately. What is easy on the eye? What can help you feel oh so good? Greens, blues, and earthy tones. These are some major design trends for 2021.

4) All of the appliances

What do you do when you can’t go and do your favorite things? Bring them to your home. Larger than life appliances, home movie systems, and cool coffee machines will be sold at exponential rates because of the pandemic going on. Grills for outdoor dining, an amazing projector to screen your favorite films in your backyard or on the roof of your building, … there’s so much you can do to turn your home into your friends’ and family’s favorite spot to chill at.

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