The Rise Of 'Third Places': Wellness Spaces You Can Escape To For Maximum Chill

A refuge between work and home, check out our faves across the US, UK and Aus!

Can’t take it in the office any longer, but avoiding the reality of heading home to… baby/annoying housemate/stressed out partner/reality?

Well thanks to the rise of wellness industry and a shift towards all-inclusive offerings, there’s a whole new space emerging that caters for those necessary moments of solitude in between—a ‘third place’ to hang, if you will.
With stress levels at a unprecedented high and loneliness the new ‘epidemic’ of our time—with 46 per cent of Americans admitting to being lonely (according to global health company Cigna) and one in four Australians feeling lonely (according to the Australian Psychological Society)—having a third place (with work being the ‘first’ and home the ‘second’) to hang out in, either to connect or disconnect from it all, may well be the antidote that soothes our burdened souls.
Since learning of ‘third spaces’ and experiencing the serenity they can bring, we at Amodrn want to help you find a little groundedness and salvation amongst the storm, so we’ve curated a guide to the most cosy spaces where you can breathe, unplug or connect to a like-minded community near you.

1. Bhuti (London, UK)

Set in the tranquil suburb of Richmond, just bordering on the Surrey countryside, Bhuti is the kind of oasis that speaks to the weary soul on every level. Described as a ‘eco wellbeing escape, a refuge from the stresses and strains of modern life that offers carefully curated treatments, classes, and things for the mind, body and soul to flourish,’ Bhuti is the kind of space that from the moment you walk in, your whole body softens.

wellness spaces
Image: @bhutilondon

With a wholefood cafe and wellness store at the front, you can chill by the windowsill and just enjoy a delicious nourishing treat or for those wanting a little deeper nurturing you can indulge in an organic beauty treatment, a gentle yoga class in their beautiful stained glass window studio or pay for a Escape days package where you can meander between rooms while also having the luxury of chilling out in their members area.
wellness spaces
Image: @bhutilondon

As someone who had the absolute blessing of visiting Bhuti, the chance to hangout in the members area was soul soothing alone. With egg chairs, cushioned day beds and unlimited cups of tea on offer, it oozes restoration and was the perfect quiet space for my bone tired body and mind.

2. Alo Yoga (Los Angeles, US)

For wellness lovers LA side, you’re likely familiar with the cult yoga brand that is Alo Yoga, but did you know that some of their concept stores offer in-store classes and urban community hangout spaces?
For those who want to decompress from a busy week, you can’t go past Alo Yoga’s The Grove store for the ultimate day sanctuary and a little bonus retail therapy if you do so wish as well!
Featuring a yoga studio with sky views, an organic café stocked with fresh local juices, coffees, kombucha and clean eat snacks, along with a luxe lounge area to chill, meditate or converse with other yogis, it’s the ultimate place to enjoy all of the good vibes and none of the first (work) and second (home) place stress.

wellness spaces
Image: Alo Yoga

3. Humming Puppy (Sydney and New York, AUS/US)

If you love the way your pace slows as you enter a yoga studio, you’ll love the way your body oozes straight into relaxation mode when entering the reception at Humming Puppy.

wellness spaces
Image: @humming_puppy

With plush velvet sofas that practically invite you to soften into their community space, once slipping off your shoes, you can treat yourself to a rejuvenating coconut water and then cosy up beside members of the sangha (community) while allowing your body to sink deep down and cocoon into the buttery couches.
wellness spaces
Image: @humming_puppy

With a range of vinyasa classes to suit your flow mode (mellow to dynamic), it’s an easy place to swing by, drop down, surrender and retreat within, all the while allowing the humming of the acoustic space to send you deep into a blissful savasana state.

4. Re:Mind (London, UK)

Situated right in the chaos of Central London, Re:Mind is the ultimate nook for those that need a little nurture time to breathe and be.

A sustainable space that is deeply conscious of the planet and has a philosophy ‘rooted in respect for the environment (think completely plastic-free), this meditation centre is not only an all natural space that offers freshly purified air (a welcome relief for tube commuting Londoners) to breathe in, but has a host of staff or ‘Calmers’ on board to navigate you into a zen zone.

wellness spaces
Image: @remindstudio

Upon choosing the right centring session for your mood (think a bespoke menu of meditation class styles), simply kick off your shoes, pull up a pew (in the form of a comfy cushion) and cosy on up with a blanket and a melodical voice guiding you into a deep place of calm.
wellness spaces
Image: @remindstudio

When the time comes to rejoin the room again, you can mosey on down to their community space, chill on a couch or brew a tea and linger in the serenity for a little while longer before resurfacing and joining the outside world all the more renewed again.

5. Sol Spa At The Botanica (Sydney, AUS)

Nestled in the harbourside suburb of Vaucluse, Sol Spa is a wellness sanctuary conjoined to the green and luscious health conscious cafe The Botanica and a space that allows you to ‘feed the soul, inside and out.’

With a beautiful garden beside the spa, just the walk along the way offers a chance to soothe the mind and connect to the senses, allowing the scent of lemongrass perfumes the air to float through you on the way to the spa.

wellness spaces
Image: @solspa.vaucluse

With ancient relics, millennial pink themed lounges and super cosy fur throw rugs, Sol Spa not only offers a range of spiritual and sensory spa treatments, but the beauty of the space lies in its ability to offer a place to decompress lay back, relax and let go for a while. 
Unlike a busy salon or massage centre, you won’t be rushed in and out here, but instead welcomed to linger, sip endless tea and be invited to eat and enjoy the urban jungle for as long as you like. 
wellness spaces
Image: @solspa.vaucluse

6.Wanderlust (Los Angeles, US)

Want the feeling state of a yoga retreat but can’t take a whole weekend to escape to Wanderlust Festival or the like? Well, you don’t actually need to! 
For those Northern Hemisphere side, you can immerse yourself in wanderlust anytime, with the famous yogi festival setting up permanent residence in the heart of Hollywood.

wellness spaces
Image: @wanderlusthlwd

An urban wellness oasis that prides itself on being a communal space for yogis, foodies, entrepreneurs and artists alike, Wanderlust Hollywood likens the centre as a ‘second home,’ a place of refuge where you can fill your cup no matter what walk of life you’ve come from.
wellness spaces
Image: @wanderlusthlwd

With a wholefood cafe, a myriad of hang spaces (outdoors and indoors) and a mix of yoga and meditation offerings and workshops, Wanderlust Hollywood is a place that not only promotes fundamental wellness through yoga, seasonal food, growth and expansion workshops but at its core is ingrained in community so you can be assured any lingering loneliness is sure to lift after a visit here!

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